The atheistic counterpoint

Wasn’t able to sleep because I sought understanding of something that I thought was becoming a real problem in society.

The rise of atheistic beliefs was something that we discussed in Sunday School and we focused on how those who do not believe are becoming bolder in there viewpoints. It became a GREAT concern to me for a time because I always feel it is good to know thy enemy, yet through prayer and Divine reasoning I came to conclusion that, honestly, there is nothing to worry about. Why not worry??? Simple.

The god and jesus that they do not believe in, NOBODY BELIEVES IN. Their viewpoint of what and who god and jesus is DOES NOT EXIST, AND IS TRULY A FIGMENT OF THE IMAGINATION. What they think is god is NOT god. What they do not believe was never meant to be considered as REAL in the first place, so in truth, their view that this god that has been concocted in movies, cartoons, bad television and storybooks doesn’t exist is true because THAT GOD NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL EXIST.

Now understand that this has nothing to do with Christ or The Heavenly Father.

UPDATE: I stated that NOBODY believes in the god and jesus defined by the atheist. Not accurate: there are tons of people who claim to believe in a ‘higher power’or ‘supernatural force’, or ‘being‘ that sits on a thrown somewhere full of limitations that all men have, thirsting for self-esteem and ego massaging by mortals, or the thought that jesus was just some man that had insight or some type of prophet to the people.

I apologize for the mix-up.