A Moment of Pause…

So I started to toss this question around a bit and then it began to grow in complexity-

If there was no one else around, would people do what they do?

Would women still do their hair, nails and such and still claim that its ‘just for them’? Would they get unnecessary body enhancements to please others if no one was around to please? Would men buy expensive cars, having them tricked out just to impress the next man when no man is around? Would they go through the trouble of being successful for the praise of the others if success was no longer a defining goal to pursue?

Here’s where it grew: what about those who claim love for God? Would they still pray? Would following God’s Word and commandments still be a factor when it was just them and God? Would they still seek a relationship with God when the threat of the Enemy was SEEMINGLY non-existent since no one is around to influence? Would God still be deemed as needed when the world no longer seeks to take? Would they still want to give thanks for all they have when there is no one in the way of taking all they want?

Finally, since nobody is around to acknowledge, be impressed by or even care about their claims of love for God through social media, emphasized testimonies, intellectually devised prayers, super preaching, scriptural memorization for all occasions, praise dancing, tears of worship, rolling on the floor, speaking in tongues and the like, would the grace, mercy and love of God for them even matter?

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- inutile

The word is inutile. Pronounced /in-YOO-til/. This word is an adjective and is defined as, 

Of no use nor purpose

Used in a sentence: Mans volatile pride compels him to seek power, which is the most sought after yet inutile  goal one can attempt to achieve.

(Psalms ch.10: vs. 4-12)