The Modern Slave- Applies to All of Us


So I visited the Justice or Else page to get a status on where this rally has progressed. I see that Minister Farrakhan was preparing to address the rally, and a certain person begins his hateful rant about how Farrakhan and this or that. This was obviously a bait to excite foolishness from others, and as usual, it worked, yet what caught my attention was a question posed which said, ‘Has anyone seen a slave that is alive today?’

This is confirmation of how man is SLEEPING in his ignorance, yet I thought I would take a moment to answer that just for laughs. Everyday that that male and so many others like him look in the mirror, they see a slave. They see slaves walking down the street during the day, when they go to work or to school, when they shop at the store, get gas, watch television or any other activity that involves human interaction.

The deception is that slaves are frail people clothed in rags, shacked with rusty metal about their necks, hands and feet, yet this notion is WAY OFF COURSE. They are now well dressed, with various amounts of material possessions; they live from squalor to highly luxurious, they span from no class to upper class and everywhere in between, yet they go each day heavily shackled completely unware of being bound.

They are slaves to their desires for power, money, control, sex, drugs, alcohol, medication, food; they are slaves to technology, industry, making everyone else happy, relationships, career goals, fashion, popularity, BEING RIGHT, BEING SEEN, BEING NOTICED, BEING WORSHIPPED, BEING LOVED BY OTHERS, anger or hate (of self, others or both) and anything else that comes their way.

As slaves, they choose to never wake up because it becomes hard to see the world as it is and still want to live in it; so, they stay sleeping slaves and like the male that sparked the conflict defend our mental, physical and emotional shackles every chance they get, and will also criticize those who CHOOSE to loosen their bounds a bit because slavery, like misery, LOVES COMPANY.

Thought for the Day- The Universal Occupation

crazy-little-thing-called-fun-3The occupation of FOOL is one that is easiest to master; ironically, for it requires no degree nor other educational achievement, it is free for all to pursue, has many levels of advancement, un biased to previous educational background, gender, sexual preference, color, demographic, religious affiliation, political standing, culture or creed, and can be learned from the youngest of ages and kept throughout ones life.

I believe this is why SO MANY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD have pursued this as a life-long career choice.

(Ecclesiastes ch.10:v.2, Proverbs ch.18:v.2)

Thought of the Day- One of my favorite topics


Time to think!

Back in the 80’s, the Reagan administration started a campaign that was designed to resolve the injection of illegal narcotics into the minority communities; they called it ‘The War on Drugs’.

While this was a great effort to resolve an ever-growing problem, it was only a band-aid to the ORIGIN of the issue. You see, it was not the drugs that caused so much death and destruction in the community… it was the DESIRE FOR POWER. The drugs were a catalyst to the true source; the IF, AND IF, THEN scenario that IF you sell drugs, AND IF you get money from selling drugs, THEN you will have the POWER you seek.

Of course, this illusion of POWER is what also caused then, AND NOW, the relentless bloodshed that plagues the minority community to this day, yet no one is trying to get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, so to speak, because man STILL FOOLISHLY BELIEVES that solving the END RESULT of a thing will solve the WHOLE thing.

Ask yourself this: do you think that a person who kills another person does it for the sole sake of taking a life? Remember, that taking something from someone else, especially by force, brings a sense of POWER to the taker… the more valuable (i.e. someone’s LIFE), the more POWER they feel. (The movie ‘Highlander’ depicts this very well).

As we seek power… Part one.

It has been a while since I have written here, and I know that that is NOT because of a lack of Divine inspiration, or topics (there have been many many topics). As I have continued my journey, life brought changes I my life which began to take more of my time, yet God never stopped presenting me with example and information that is still necessary to share with you and the world.

One to which is the primary topic of this writing for I started to meditate on why I even do this blog thing. Did I start this because I truly wanted to share with the people of God the interpretations of what God has shared with me in an effort to bring people closer to God through this ministry that I am ONLY an instrument of? Or, was it because I wanted to passively gain POWER over those who read and lovingly manipulate the minds and thinking of the people through an illusion of knowledge and insightful worlds and phrases? Yes, I do check myself like that.

I will answer that question later… For now, let us discuss the term, POWER. In the light of the events that have befallen this nation and the countries abroad, we see that the struggle for power is on a great upswing. Racial tensions, the slew of injustices and taking of lives have all contributed to the desire for power over our thoughts and actions. Now here’s where it gets disturbing; EVERYTHING that man has done up to THIS point in history has been for the desire of POWER… There hasn’t been one thing that man as a whole has been involved in that wasn’t intended to gain POWER, and yet the struggle continues because it is still elusive to us. From the time of Adam, when Eve was tempted in the garden, the enemy played upon this desire for it saw it in them and KNEW it was the easiest way to place us upon the path to destruction (Genesis ch.3:vs.1-5).

This lust for POWER is something that begins at a young age; when a child has a toy or something of conceived ‘value‘ and another child comes along and wants to share in its wonder or beauty, the one who holds it may become selfish, keeping the toy out of the other child’s reach. Now when the child begins to cry, or show any form of emotion as a result of this, the child CONTROLLING (key to this) the situation will either do one of two things: show compassion because of the pain that it has brought forth and thus share the toy, OR taste the POWER that it thinks it has over the other child and seek more. This behavior is thus learned from a young age and carried throughout adulthood for ALL OF US.

The desire for POWER has spawned many children which are confused as being singular factors in man’s plight and will be broken down in detail in later posts, yet what I will do is list a few symptoms that have spawned from this beast that we ALL at one time or another have allowed to take a bite from us, or even devoured our whole existence:

  • Entertainment
  • Industrialism
  • Racism (A review)
  • Religion (From the avid bible shaker, to the unyielding atheist)
  • Technology

Stay tuned….

New vocabulary words to consider

The suffix term -IST is defined as ‘a person who practices or is concerned with something, or holds certain principles, doctrines, etc.: apologist; dramatist; machinist; novelist; realist; socialist; Thomist.’

Which brings me to the term ‘racist’. By definition, a ‘racist’ is one who understands, studies and becomes very knowledgeable in the field of different race cultures. It has been distorted to represent a person who shows a hateful, separated and sometimes violent mindset towards another of a different race and this is commonly based on the LACK of knowledge and understanding of race culture, position in society, etc…

I would like to suggest a couple of words more suited to represent those who are falsely called racist…

1. FOOLISTS– a person who practices or holds being foolish or a fool to high regard when it comes to different race cultures, daily situations, questions answered, actions performed or just anything that would be deemed foolish.
2. IGNORIST– a person who practices being ignorant and/or holds ignorance to a high degree in their daily lives when it comes to different race cultures or anything that the person has no understanding of or has NO desire to gain understanding of said issue, circumstance, etc….

Dangerous misconceptions- The enemy is predictable


The enemy is NOT this easy to see.

We think that, unlike God, the enemy’s movements are decipherable. That the enemy has a set of rules that MUST be followed and abide by, and that gives us the advantage that we need to ‘defeat’ the enemy. We can take the enemy for granted, believing that the evil of this world is man’s and man’s alone; we are duped into this level of thinking to distract us from the strings tied to our minds. Many are willing participants in the war against God’s Will and this war has waged since the beginning. All that has changed are the resources used. We have given the enemy much ammunition to use against us because of the lust for power that we can never have past our illusions. When we THINK we have the pattern, the pattern dramatically changes.


The problem is our desire to handle something that we can NEVER grasp. We write laws and statutes that are ONLY limited to punishing the tool, not the wielder. We teach about the physical, the psychological, and the emotional, yet deem the spiritual far-fetched or ILLUSIONAL because of the LACK of the ability to CONTROL it. The tangible is what we think is the ONLY real, so the enemy is seen as some concept that is used by religious fanatics to explain off or even excuse the actions of man, yet they are the paths to the truth that is not something that the flesh was ever to understand. that is why the physical mind is so easily tempted, misdirected, confused, manipulated, influenced, cross-signaled, and controlled. Once the mind is taken, the body will follow, so we sit in the midst of our own destruction, while we blame each other for the inability to see past the fallacies placed before us.

The truth is, we can only expect the UN-expected in this war.

2,014 things to remember in 2014- 41 thru 50


41. What happened last YEAR is LAST YEARS PROBLEM.
42. What happened last MONTH is LAST MONTHS PROBLEM.
43. There are already enough people trying to PIN YOUR PAST to you RIGHT NOW.
44. There are already enough people trying to THROW YOUR PAST in your face RIGHT NOW.
45. There are already enough people trying to STICK THE PAST on you RIGHT NOW.
46. There are already enough people trying to MAKE YOUR PAST your ‘presentRIGHT NOW.
47. There are already enough people trying to HOLD YOUR PAST against you RIGHT NOW.
48. Your PAST will always be the center of attention in enough peoples lives RIGHT NOW.
49. Letting go of the PAST is EASY TO SAY, yet HARD TO DO, especially when peoples hands are severely arthritic because of diets rich in HATE and ANIMOSITY.
50. Learn to LIVE in the NOW, NOT DIE in the THEN.