Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- abecedarian

The word is abecedarian. Pronounced \ey-bee-see-DAIR-ee-uhn\. This word can be used as either a noun or an adjective and is defined as

A beginner in any field of learning.

Used in sentences: Many people on an abecedarian path towards an active relationship with Spirit can be easily fascinated by the understanding shown by others who feel their knowledge of God is extensive. However, those looked upon as scholarly when it comes to the interminable possibilities of God, are just as abecedarian as those they attempt to impress.

(1st Corinthians ch.1:v.25)

2,014 things to remember in 2014- 71 thru 80


71. Encouragement is to ‘give support, confidence or hope to’, or ‘positively help or stimulate to develop’.
72. Demeaning someone in order to push them to do better is NOT encouragement.
73. Belittling someone in order to push them to do better is NOT encouragement.
74. Criticizing someone in order to push them to do better is NOT encouragement.
75. Emotional and mental assaults are NOT encouragement.
76. Just because the person seems to respond favorably to your negativity does NOT make it encouraging.
77. Positive words with negative intention is a recipe for destruction, NOT encouragement.
78. Encouragement is to be enhanced with love.
79. Encouragement can help not only the encouraged, but the one encouraging.
80. Seek encouragement through prayer, faith and love.

Peripheral Values- Series Introduction


Take a moment to look at the image above… many of us, when it comes to our desires, goals, choices and overall vision for our lives do NOT see past the 3 degrees of focus. No concern is shown for those that can be affected by the choices we make, whether they be positive or otherwise. No consideration is taken for those that are overlooked or hurt physically, or emotionally from the ultimate selfishness and/or lack of thinking things through.

For example, a person who deals drugs does it for the money, that is their primary care, yet they do not see how it affects their ‘loved ones’ until one or more are targeted by their rivals. Yet, the rival itself has no concern for the ones in their blind spot because like the person for whom they are after, they suffer from the 3 degree vision as well. The cycle can be endless in its negative effects.

As I expound what I deem ‘peripheral values’, we will further look into what it takes to extend our inner viewpoints to the rest of those that are around us thus creating a vision of care for those affected by our decisions and actions.

2,014 things to remember in 2014- 61 thru 70… all about love

61. True love does NOT cost you anything to give.
62. True love does NOT cost you anything to receive.
63. True love does NOT lie about its intention.
64. Love from family is not always guaranteed.
65. Love with selfish expectations is NOT love.
66. Love based on sexual gratification is NOT love not matter HOW good it may feel.
67. Loving one another is the Divine commandment. (John ch.13:v.34, ch.15:vs. 13 and 17, 1st John ch.4:v.7)
68. Those that say that love is an action word, are usually the last to act on it.
69. Loving God, but hating God’s people causes great contradiction.
70. When you show love, you show God.