Church Addiction: what is it? A brief…


the definition of an addict is someone who devoted to a specified thing or activity. Now, while this definition is not normally used when talking about an addict, it is appropriate for this discussion.

Devotion to something like church is not a negative thing, yet how it becomes negative is the intention behind it. Many people use church as an escape from their lives, not necessarily a chance to worship God, nor become empowered to help others. The intent behind the frequency of church visits, church function and event attending, becoming a part of the church staff, etc… is focused on a need to get away from family, wives, husbands, kids, or whatever he or she feels is a burden or oppressive issue in their lives. Instead of becoming addicted to some sort of narcotic, or negative pastime, they will use church as the ‘positive addiction’ because people have a tendency to look at a person who attends church almost EVERY day of the week as a devote follower of God, Christ, etc… This is not usually the case.

The purpose of church attendance is to fellowship, worship, praise, gain knowledge and understanding, then share that with others. It is supposed to allow on to gain the strength and courage to deal with the world and the hell that resides within it by coming together and reinforcing ones faith in God and the teachings of Christ.

Now for those that are followers of other faiths, please understand that this is something that can be tied to your place of worship as well. This phenomenon is not singularly connected to any one religion. There are mosque addicts, synagogue addicts, kingdom hall addicts, parish addicts, temple addicts, and many others.

While this is a brief on the ‘What is It’ focus of church addiction, we will get in depth in the next blog that talks about the typical church addict and how one can spot them. The next will focus from the pews to the pulpits. Stay tuned…