Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- panacea

The word is panacea. Pronounced \pan-uh-SEE-uh\. This word is a noun and is defined as

An answer or solution for all problems or difficulties.

Used in a sentence: Those of us that seek an answer to the problems and issues that befall us in life need not travel far, for the panacea that provides us with all these things lies within prayer to Our Father in heaven.

(Matthew ch.21:v.22), (Acts ch.6:v.4), (Philippians ch.1:vs 4,19 and ch.4:v.6), (James ch.5:16)

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- venerable

The word is venerable. Pronounced \VEN-er-uh-buhl\. This word is an adjective and is defined as

Commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity; worthy…

Used in a sentence: The essence of Christ and what His venerable presence represents to this world and within our lives should be acknowledged daily.
(Psalms ch. 97:v.12)

The alarming rise in spiritual suicide

Too many people have made the decision to kill themselves spiritually because of a loss of someone they never owned, unfulfilled wants, or a lack of interest in God and what God has to offer because the easy path to destruction looks so much more promising. Understand that the term ‘spiritually dead’ does not relate to the physical… this is a deliberate separation of ones self from God and an acceptance of ‘everything else’.

The subtle character of the serpent was always the standard used to spread the poisonous influence to the masses; it was further enhanced with the introduction of the Information superhighway and its glorious ability to get the word out on a global scale. Man’s self magnificence with innovation created a pious outlook upon God, Christ, The Word of God, and everything It stands for as the enemy continues to use man against himself to ultimately bring forth the undoing of all that God has done, NOT NECESSARILY BY WIPING IT ALL OUT, BUT BY MAKING IT IRRELEVANT.

The choice to become spiritually dead is just that; a choice, yet it has became a more common decision that at one point was almost unheard of. Now it is being fueled by mans insatiable desire to have dominion over what he considers ‘destiny and fate’ as well as the ability to do without consequence. See, anything that the Word of God requires or encourages us to avoid only flavors mans want for it and thus builds the resistance towards God and what God stands for making the choice of spiritual suicide mitigated in the minds of those who take the plunge into what they THINK is an acquisition of their life.

Many have created the delusion that without God there is freedom because the things that people see as ‘fun’ can ONLY be done without God looking over his or her shoulder. Many have also chosen to adopt this thinking because the world is become further built upon the concept that was derived that to ‘do what thou wilt‘ was fashionable and with time became further acceptable in spite of knowing its origin. Ironically, this freedom concept is only an illusion; the truth is, to do what thou wilt comes with dire consequences that can guarantee a life of tragedy and misery, yet even though this is proven each and every day, it is still the ‘fixed fight’ so many try so desperately to win, when it has been designed from the beginning with NO WINNING OUTCOME.

The question that I gather from this is much will man have to lose before he realizes what he has chosen to throw away?

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- hoodwink

The word is hoodwink. Pronounced \HOOD-wingk\. This word is a verb and is defined as

To deceive; to trick.

Used in a sentence: As a constant reminder to the people of God, the futile attempt to hoodwink God through prayer, praise and deeds laced with malicious intent only will result in ones own destruction.
(Galatians ch.6:v.7)