For my Big Bang Theory watchers…

You gotta be patient and more understanding when dealing with wanna-be Sheldon Coopers.

Dangerous misconceptions- The enemy is predictable


The enemy is NOT this easy to see.

We think that, unlike God, the enemy’s movements are decipherable. That the enemy has a set of rules that MUST be followed and abide by, and that gives us the advantage that we need to ‘defeat’ the enemy. We can take the enemy for granted, believing that the evil of this world is man’s and man’s alone; we are duped into this level of thinking to distract us from the strings tied to our minds. Many are willing participants in the war against God’s Will and this war has waged since the beginning. All that has changed are the resources used. We have given the enemy much ammunition to use against us because of the lust for power that we can never have past our illusions. When we THINK we have the pattern, the pattern dramatically changes.


The problem is our desire to handle something that we can NEVER grasp. We write laws and statutes that are ONLY limited to punishing the tool, not the wielder. We teach about the physical, the psychological, and the emotional, yet deem the spiritual far-fetched or ILLUSIONAL because of the LACK of the ability to CONTROL it. The tangible is what we think is the ONLY real, so the enemy is seen as some concept that is used by religious fanatics to explain off or even excuse the actions of man, yet they are the paths to the truth that is not something that the flesh was ever to understand. that is why the physical mind is so easily tempted, misdirected, confused, manipulated, influenced, cross-signaled, and controlled. Once the mind is taken, the body will follow, so we sit in the midst of our own destruction, while we blame each other for the inability to see past the fallacies placed before us.

The truth is, we can only expect the UN-expected in this war.

2,014 things to remember in 2014- 41 thru 50


41. What happened last YEAR is LAST YEARS PROBLEM.
42. What happened last MONTH is LAST MONTHS PROBLEM.
43. There are already enough people trying to PIN YOUR PAST to you RIGHT NOW.
44. There are already enough people trying to THROW YOUR PAST in your face RIGHT NOW.
45. There are already enough people trying to STICK THE PAST on you RIGHT NOW.
46. There are already enough people trying to MAKE YOUR PAST your ‘presentRIGHT NOW.
47. There are already enough people trying to HOLD YOUR PAST against you RIGHT NOW.
48. Your PAST will always be the center of attention in enough peoples lives RIGHT NOW.
49. Letting go of the PAST is EASY TO SAY, yet HARD TO DO, especially when peoples hands are severely arthritic because of diets rich in HATE and ANIMOSITY.
50. Learn to LIVE in the NOW, NOT DIE in the THEN.

Counterpoint: What a man needs is support, loyalty and the cookie… not really. Part One of Two

cookieI have searched the Internet and found tons of websites built off what I see as another ‘buzzword phenomenon’ which focuses on the simplistic and unrealistic idea that a man PRIMARILY REQUIRES, especially from a woman, SUPPORT, LOYALTY, and SEX.

While this is supposed to bring forth some sort of template for those women who are deemed ‘clueless to the needs of a man’, this by no means, is absolute or, to me, even helpful because it creates a dilemma, especially when it fails. The vagueness of these three attributes, that honestly can be gotten from ANYONE and ANYWHERE at ANYTIME and are not specific to the woman in ANY WAY, leaves, to me, a void that will never be realistically filled because, first off, this does not follow in the path of The Heavenly Father’s plan for the connection of man and woman, OR wife and husband, and it shows a level of naïve deception that has been accepted by women who seek genuine understanding of the man that are or will be in their lives.

Okay, SUPPORT can be looked at as an attribute that would assist in the development of the relationship between a man and the woman, YET it is not REQUIRED for the relationship to grow. Truthfully, MEN have increasingly found support from other MEN to be more important than the SUPPORT of their women for eons, and this is prevalent in the bonding rituals that we practice using sports, politics, industry, technology, etc… as the bonding agent. This also connects to the LOYALTY factor, because both are usually sought after once the bonds have been established. Many men will go as far as to not EXPECT their women to show any SUPPORT to them or what they do, OR even to be LOYAL to the relationship. This can be connected to many factors; one to which is the man’s lack of TRUST in the woman.

The sex part can be shaky, especially with the rising instances of bisexuality that has plagued many ‘heterosexual’ relationships. Men are now allowing themselves to explore the realms of man on man sexual release which in itself can cause great confusion, at the LEAST, within his relationship with a woman who has been led to believe that her man has his sexual desires focused on the OPPOSITE sex. Now, if any of you men reading this are bisexual and are in a relationship that you are practicing deception, I ask you; how would you feel if SHE did that to YOU? But I digress; the cookie is NOT a requirement for the man FROM his woman… unfortunately, it is something that we have proven can be gotten… WHENEVER.

So what is REQUIRED from the woman? One of the things that experts, scholars, medical professionals, relationship specialists, pastors, talk show hosts, and others who THINK they have a grasp on these things have COMPLETELY overlooked… SAFETY.

I will have to break this down into a part two to explain what I mean, so please comment, ask questions if you wish. To be continued…

Focus point- The imprisoned thought


The truth is that man’s desire for ultimate power over EVERYTHING has caused it to become mentally incarcerated by its own lusts. This has been a great and consistent issue since man has inhabited the earth and to this day, has further increased with each passing generation. Man binds itself tightly with the illusion of power and has placed much energy into capitalism as the proof of this.

Man wants all that it can never truly have, yet has created a world that is based on great and powerful illusions that those of us accept more and more with each technological innovation, each industrial breakthrough, each medical advancement and social explosion that usually derives from someone’s need to be admired, accepted, or followed by a mass of mental and emotional inmates who have been tried and convicted; not necessarily by others outside of themselves, to spend a lifetime of unfulfilled existence in the shadow of another’s misguided delusions.

We THINK as caged beasts waiting for the next scrap that will inform us what is popular, cool, socially acceptable, more powerful, faster, bigger, stronger, new and improved, enhanced or re-introduced as new. We see God as the fantasy and accept the rest as all there is because we have been thoroughly tricked into believing that this is it and there is no more. We don’t know, don’t want to know and have became used to the mind shackles that drag us further to our destruction.

Are we just sleep, or comatose, or half dead??? I think that each level mentioned is based on our level of understanding and acceptance. We are all prisoners in one area, yet free in others. For instance, I admit that I am bound by technology, yet am not in any way interested in reality television. My vice to technology is by choice, and like so many others, I have accepted the chains and convinced myself that they are either insignificant, not hurting anyone, or just not that bad. It is the Willie Lynch Syndrome gone awry (don’t know about the teachings of Willie Lynch? Take a moment to look it up)!

This is something that has been passed on like a plague for generations and we are continually expanding the facility of our inner confinement to unfounded levels. As long as we desire an outer freedom that we can control, we will further sacrifice the true freedom within ourselves.

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- Echt

The word is echt. Pronounced \ekht\. This word is an adjective and is defined as,

Real; authentic; genuine.

Used in a sentence: As the world changes, the spreading of hatred by the enemy has became a great distraction to the echt love that God presents to His children.

(John ch.3:v.16)

2,014 things to remember in 2014- 31 thru 40

31. Time is NOT guaranteed.
32. Time is NOT all you have.
33. Many have thought that they had enough time to ‘get it right‘ when they got older, only to NEVER reach old age.
34. It is the enemy’s job to help you waste time.
35. It is time to let go of that.
36. It is time to let God help you let go of that.
37. Use the time you have NOW to forgive yourself.
38. Use the time you have NOW to forgive them.
39. Use the time you have NOW to pray.
40. God will always be on time for you.