The inner light

I was recently hit with an epiphany as I drive on the highway early in the morning. I happen to notice that there are so many lights EVERYWHERE; way more than there have ever been in my life. Lights flood the highways, the roads, between buildings, on buildings and homes; they are in every nook and cranny and man has placed a whole lot of time, money and other resources into the task of keeping the darkness away.

We seek to fill the world outside of ourselves with as much artificial light as possible, yet the inner darkness that fills our minds and hearts with corruption, and our actions with destruction are left unchecked. We sit in darkness where the Enemy resides within ourselves everyday; this is apparent with the death and destructive actions of man each day. We try to counteract with man-like solutions, as we ignore Christ who is the Light of the World (New Testament, Book of John chapter 8: Verse 12) which is our BEST chance at dispelling the inner darkness within us. So why do we fight the outer light and ignore the real danger of the inner dark? One simple answer lies in the sacrificing of what it RIGHT for what is QUICK AND EASY.

Which one can be supposedly ‘resolved’ the easiest? Seeking The light of Christ can be a troublesome quest, yet its rewarded with an inner light that can NEVER be extinguished. The artificial light of man is forever finite, and even has the potential of a burn-out at anytime; yet, so many seek this light because having faith in a faithless being is the fad of the flesh nowadays. It does nothing but prolong the inevitable and allows the Enemy to hide in the shadows of thought and action. Man uses the artificial light to, ironically, keep an eye on himself.

The light of Christ not only expels the darkness, but it also cleanses the inner man, thus allowing the fruits of the Spirit to dwell peacefully within us. We are filled with love, our faith is increased, peace can abide, and our relationship with Christ shines through.

Infidelity: The divided house

a divided house

A house divided in itself will not stand.

Now, if you have read my previous blogs, I have written about ways that lead to infidelity: the unsafe man, the woman with virtue removed and chasing ghosts. I want to talk about another that I feel can also lead to choices that bring infidelity into the home: a divided house. In the New Testament, the Book of Mark ch.3:v.25, Jesus teaches that ‘a house that is divided within itself can not stand’. This focuses on forms of inner corruption that in time leads to separation and brings a house down on itself. This can then spread to those things connected to the house thereby causing a cascade of destruction that can have no end.

Loss of a job, lack of financial security, and family tragedies are just small examples of the what can lead to the divided house, and when left unchecked, can cause a healthy marriage to become quickly infected and thus lead to a decision to seek an illusion of comfort from someone outside of the marriage. We tell ourselves that our spouse ‘does not understand’ our tribulations, and that may be true, yet who says that the other person gets it? It is a trick of the Enemy to think that corrupted act will bring forth healing.

These are the moments when we forget OR ignore the option of prayer. Individual prayer, and the collective prayer of the family are the BEST ways to repair and rebuild the divided home. We gain the resources to become stronger within ourselves and in our union without the added stress and strain of a fleeting sexual endeavor, and our increased and intimate relationship with God both within ourselves and within the marriage can transfer our house from the sinking sands of infidelity, to the rock of marital bliss.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas photo

Be blessed on this day.

We are thankful for this time of celebration and good will, and look to God for the gifts of grace, mercy, love, peace, joy, and the building of faith. God is good everyday, and although the Enemy has been busy in 2012 and will continue the assault of God’s children in the years to come, we stand and walk in and by faith and are each moment blessed for the Divine gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ, each day of the year.

I pray for those of you who take a moment to read these posts, and hope that something that I have been given to say helps you as it helps me.

For those of you who have suffered loss, always remember that God is with you at ALL times, even those times when you are certain that no one is there or understands, or even cares. Never give out, give in or give up. Keep prayer alive and love one another today and ever more; show love, show God.

May the Lord God bless and keep you.

Still here

It has been all the buzz on the Internet and through the media that the world was going to end on the 21st. It is amazing to me how people want to believe that managed time can determine the fate of the world.

First, it was the Y2K scare: then it was the Mayan calendar ending, and whatever in between. (I decided to wait until a couple of days after to write this JUST IN CASE. 😉 )

Those of us that are still here, I say… I pray that God blesses you to continue to move forward in the land of the living. For those that have lost loved ones… I pray for your healing, and that the joy of the morning is just around the corner.

Show love, show God.


If you see love, you see God.
If you hear love, you hear God.
If you touch with love, you touch with God.
If you speak love, you speak God.
If you feel love, you feel God.
If you walk in love, you walk in God.
If you teach love, you teach God.
If you believe in love, you believe in God.
If you trust love, you trust God.
If you act with love, you act with God.
If you live in love, you live in God.
If you show love, you show God.

Take a moment to show someone love each day.

Hope in hopelessness

I weep for the loss of life in Connecticut. I can not say that I know what is being felt by those who have lost a spouse or child in this time of senseless hatred, yet I do know that God is with each and every hurting husband, mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, friend and every loved one that is directly affected by this movement of the Enemy.

Pray for those who lost. Pray without ceasing.

Beyond the 66 books

A crossThis would be considered a bonus question, if, to me, it did not warrant a more in depth discussion. The question is this: Do we think that God is limited to the 66 books of the bible? To expand on the question: do we think that God is not integrated into the current ‘evolution’ of man, or are we deceived into thinking that God stopped being omnipresent because of a brief spurt of innovation? Is the year 2012 going into 2013 out of God’s reach because we have advanced a bit? Are the issues of today too complicated for God to deal with? Has God’s omniscience finally ran out because we have moved past the understanding of those who were given the task of documenting the Word of God so many thousands of years ago?

Our actions would say that we are generally deluded into thinking that the Word of God lost its potency once man began to abuse ‘free will’ and created monsters out of its control. Many aspects would bring this distortion on: corrupted government, wars, terrorism, false clergies, infidelity, tragedy, and a overall sadness that blankets the world. Our faith becomes shaken and shattered by these issues and since it seems like God is sitting back with a look of confusion because man has developed better ways of communicating destruction, we are alone and the Word of God is all but void.

Understand this beloved readers, God’s Word has yet to return void. Yes, we are living in a time well beyond the time of Adam, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, Job, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Solomon, David, John the baptist, the twelve disciples, Paul and even The 35 years Christ walked the earth, yet the essence of what made man then still prevails, and the advancement of time is in God’s hands from the first moment until now. All that God has ordained still holds true, even in a time of jet planes, the Internet, smartphones, FaceBook and nano-technology.

Let’s look at a few scriptural aspects. God has never left anyone then, and still walks with each of us everyday(Book of Hebrews ch.13:v.5). God is STILL not stupid and what you sow, you reap and will continue to do so(Book of Galatians ch.6:v.7), the love of money STILL IS the root of all evil(Book of 1st Timothy ch.6:v.10). We STILL need to pray without ceasing(Book of 1st Thessalonians ch.5:v.17), and just because the law of man tries to circumvent God’s commandments, they still stand today and have never needed to be changed. The list goes on and on.

I encourage you to continue to look to the Word of God for guidance, understanding and to increase your faith, no matter how many iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone versions you buy or FaceBook friends you have.

God Bless.