Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- anagnorisis and peripeteia

We are going to define two words this time. The first is anagnorisis and the second is peripeteia.
They are pronounced \an-ag-NAWR-uh-sis\ and \peripəˈtēə\.
Both are nouns, and are defined as

The critical moment of recognition or discovery, especially preceding peripeteia. (Anagnorisis)


A sudden reversal of fortune or change in circumstances. (Peripeteia)

Used in a sentence: It is only for many of us faced with an overwhelming peripeteia that causes the anagnorisis of our lack of control over life and the attempts to regain control prove futile and pointless that will eventually turn to God for answers or relief.

(Psalms ch.78: v.8), (Proverbs ch.3:vs.5-7), (Lamentations ch.3: v. 22)

Momma’s boy, daddy’s girl. What’s the difference???

momma_boyI have heard countless songs, sayings and such about how a ‘woman’ can’t raise a boy to be a man, and that you do not want to be in a relationship with a momma’s boy. There has been many movies and shows depicting this, all to the tune of a negative, yet for some reason the ‘daddy’s little girl’ concept is rarely looked down upon as being just as negative. The daddy’s girl thing is supposed to be cute and innocent, while the momma’s boy thing is looked upon as weak and utterly useless.

Help me out: what is the difference between the two besides gender? What signifies a female who clings to her daddy to be stronger than the male who clings to his momma? We as men are not TAUGHT to look for a strong woman or lady in when seeking out the opposite sex for a relationship or marriage. We are foolishly taught to find a woman that can cook, or clean, or have good sex, or has the ability to have children to pass on the legacy; we are not taught to find a woman who can hold her own, who has ambition or who is not overly dependent on her daddy or ‘daddy figure’ . We are taught to inevitably STAY AWAY FROM THEM; almost the opposite of what a woman is taught.

daddy_girlWe do not flag a female who is still physically, emotionally or psychologically living with her daddy as a problem, yet the male at home with his momma is heresy. We overlook her lack of control over herself, her insecurity when it comes to commitment, her lack of socialization and independence, her lack of drive to BE somebody and her lack of any form of real sophistication for her willingness to give up the body when desired, her ability to cook or settle for less than she deserves, yet these extreme blemishes in character are shunned in the male.

It’s just amazing how society ignores the hypocrisies that it creates. To summarize, a woman can not teach a male to be a MAN no more than a man can teach a female to be a WOMAN. The ONLY thing a man can do for a female in this area is SHOW HER WHAT A TRUE MAN IS. Same for a WOMAN dealing with a male. if neither one knows what it means to be a man or woman, then heaven help them.

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- passe-partout

The word is passe-partout. Pronounced \pas-pahr-TOO\. This word is a noun and is defined as

Something that passes everywhere or provides a universal means of passage; a master key.

Used in a sentence: Christ gave us instruction to the only passe-partout that would allow us all to gain access to The Heavenly Father.

(John ch.14:vs.6-7)

Something to think about- April 1, 2014

Does EVERYBODY have to think like you? Is it okay that the minds of others not parallel with yours? Can you accept that his opinion or her opinion is their right to have?
Do you find yourself arguing with EVERYONE over their right to use their mind as they see fit? And after you have spent all that energy and time trying to succumb others to your will, what have you gained? What have you lost?
Last question: did the fact that Jesus NOT argue with those around Him, not tempting to force His Will and the Will of The Father upon others make Him WISE or WEAK, according to your methods?