Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- balk

The word is balk. Pronounced \balk\. this word is a verb, and is defined as

To stop short and stubbornly refuse to go on.

Used in a sentence: We can balk at the purpose or calling that God has for our lives, only to find ourselves in self-inflicted storms of our obstinateness and swallowed whole within our ignorance.
(Jonah ch.1)

Past the 100 posts mark!

I finally past the 100 post mark! I thank God for all of you that have followed my posts of encouragement, rants and attempts to enlighten anyone who takes a moment to read. If its God’s Will, the ministry that is BluNote will further expand to many others that are in need of encouragement and a Divinely Inspired Positive Outlook upon their life and the love that God shares with us all.

Quick inspirations- June 11, 2013

There has been many evangelists, ministers, pastors, elders, bishops in my life. Many of them have taken the time to express the amount of time they have been preaching, evangelizing, and ministering through sermons and testimonies and this will commonly impress the audiences, including myself at a time.

This changed when I started to focus a couple of scriptures:

  • “The foolishness of God is wiser than men…”(1st Corinthians ch.1: v.25a)
  • “For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God…”(1st Corinthians ch. 3: v.19a)

How does this apply? Think of any man or woman that has told you at any time how many years he or she has been ministering in ANY form or fashion. Take each year and make it one gallon of water; for example, Pastor Creflo Dollar started the World Changers Church Ministry in 1986, so lets say he has been preaching 27 years, so 27 gallons, give or take.
Now lets say that the foolishness of God is represented by the amount of water in gallons that covers the earth at any given time which is around 326 MILLION TRILLION gallons, (326,000,000,000,000,000,000).

We have a LONG way to go, and so many wonders to experience with God. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

To the ‘almost’.

I read many posts in the social media worlds that are filled with claims of almost scenarios and situations: I almost gave up, I almost threw in the towel, I almost lost faith, I almost let it all go, etc…, etc…
To those of you who almost did this or that when it comes to faith, hope and God, I commend you for your strength in those times.
For the rest of you I say this: I did give up, I did give in, I did throw in the towel, I did lose hope, I did lose faith, I did stop believing, yet through all that God never did give in, give up, lose faith, hope or stop believing in me. That truth is what brought me through and brought me back to my First Love.
The point is this: if you ever past the realm of almost, God is still there with you and do not allow the Enemy to convince you that God has ever let you go. God’s Word, love for us and promises to us are never almost.
(Isaiah ch. 43: v. 25)

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- battology

The word is battology. Pronounced \buh-TOL-uh-jee\. This word is a noun, and is defined as

Wearisome repetition of words in speaking or writing.

Used in a sentence: Many of us can fall into an endless battology when we pray forgetting that God already knows all of our needs, issues, sorrows, struggles, trials and sees each tear we cry.
(Matthew ch. 6 : vs. 5-13)