A Quick Thought-Sept. 1, 2015


Time to think!

As soon as peace becomes as profitable as war, there will be peace.

Something to think about- December 30, 2014

Do not be fooled in thinking that just because someone is doing a thing, and has done that thing for significant amount of time, that they believe in what they are doing.


Lord I need Your help…

Because life aint easy,
…because there is no easy without You,
…because I have failed too many times on my own,
…because things are looking up in my life and it doesn’t mean that I need You any less,
…because I hurt alot,
…because I cry alot,
…because I lost my momma,
…because my dad is in pain,
…because I cant be there for my son while he strives to become a man,
…because the enemy tried to destroy me,
…because my cousin came to be with You,
…because the world is against me,
…because I am nothing without You,
…just because…

Reality Check for Sept. 7, 2014

A cross

Through Christ we succeed.

Some of us have a deep, intimate, relationship with the bible. We study extensively the chronology, history and validity of the people, and places mentioned within its pages. We become experts in biblical vernacular, scriptural location, and apocryphal and canonical aspects of the different writings, religions and beliefs. We perform this action for many years of our lives, some of us becoming respected theological scholars and provided degrees of high stature to signify our mastery… and that’s it.

Some of us seek a deep, intimate relationship with God; even though our theological education may be almost non-existent to the rest of the world and we can barely remember what the Word of God says, yet prove what IT DOES IN US AND FOR US through our actions and treatment of others, we get all we need, when we need it.

(Matthew ch.6: v.33, Luke ch.12:vs.32-32)