Trusting God in the coming storm- From the Faith and Trust Series

Referencing Mark 14:32-38

Many of us, before we leave our homes or businesses take a moment to check the weather, whether it be on television, or on our smart devices. This gives us an opportunity to predict and adapt to the coming changes and some sort of CONTROL on how the weather will affect our daily lives. It helps us to decide on what we wear, when we are to leave, how we get to our destination, how long we stay, etc….

Even in the emotional, mental and spiritual storms we may face, we sometimes have the ability to predict and adapt to the coming issue. We come together in supporting environments, and those of us who labor in God, will pray throughout the circumstance for the way to CONTROL the outcome or we pray for God to change the outcome to our FAVOR for our lives and in the lives of those we love. But what happens when the storm comes, and what you do, say or pray doesn’t change it? When the storm is raging towards you and you have nowhere to run or hide? When you come to God for an answer and the answer is NOT in your favor, and only shows suffering, sorrow and pain ahead? All God says is, can you TRUST Me?

Jesus faced this dilemma throughout His journey. He even warned His disciples on many occasions that a STORM IS COMING, and nothing I do here will stop it. Even though they did not understand, it did nothing to lessen the inevitable. In the passage, Jesus went to a place called Gethsemane, a small garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives to pray. At this point Christ made it clear to the disciples with Him that he was afraid (Note: FEAR is a voracious consumer of trust), because He saw the storm coming towards Him, and it was unlike any storm ever faced by an individual. He cold not change it, hid from it, nor even expect God to change it. In his despair, He prayed for change… His trust thus wavering, He knew that God had the ability to change it, yet God’s WILL to change the situation was where the problem lied.

Many people face this type of storm each day, where money, expertise, fame, notoriety, status nor title makes a difference to the issue at hand… and all we can do is brace for it but that does not stop us from trying to change it to our benefit. Christ asked God for the cup of this suffering in the horizon to be taken from Him.

Like us, He faced God and the question was asked of Him, can you trust Me? You are about to go through something devastating to the point of death… there is no way around it. There is no way to change it. It MUST happen… can you trust God in this? Even though your prayers are being answered and the answer brings more sorrow and NO relief? Can you trust God when you have to face this chaos even though you did NOTHING TO PROVOKE IT? Can you trust God when your back is against the wall and the beast is about to strike your health, your loved ones, finances, career, shelter, freedom, or your very life hangs in the balance… can you trust God? Unlike Christ, however, our answer, based on the LACK of trust due to FEAR AND DOUBT is a resounding, no.

The flesh that was Christ cried out for mercy… the God that was Christ brought that flesh back under subjection with one word… NEVERTHELESS. In spite of what I want, what is coming, how it will hit me, how far into the abyss it will take me, how it will affect my children, mother, father, brothers sisters, friends, church, job, living situation, health, freedom, or even my very life, not MY will God, but YOURS. This is why the quantity of trust that we have in God MUST BE ALL, because as we live and breathe, IT WILL BE CHALLENGED TO ITS LIMITS AND BEYOND. (Proverbs 3:5-6) 

In conclusion, even when we don’t understand, nor feel we deserve the storm, we must trust that God will be with us THROUGH IT. No matrer what it brings, or how long it lasts, keep your eyes on God, period.


How soon we forget

(Referencing 2nd Samuel 12:1-10).

Everyone who is still living has a past, yet sometimes our past has a tendency to come back and haunt us… especially when it comes to the actions of our past. May of us are facing dire situations NOW because of the things we have sown before, and even though we have changed our lives and sought to become better people through the help of Our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ, we still have a harvest that must be atoned for.

David had a man killed because of his lust for the mans wife. He was then reminded of his great transgressions by Nathan the prophet and even though it wasn’t necessarily the deed the David forgot about, but the fact that God was there when the deed was done. David, who had be shown GREAT FAVOR by God throughout his life made a choice to sow great treachery for the lust of a woman which, in turn, cause great calamity which spread through the generations.

Many of us ask why things are happening in our lives, why no one seems to care, or we can’t get ahead, or we can win for losing, yet this could be the harvest from those things that we FORGOT that we had sown.

Why don’t anyone love me? Is it because you didn’t love when you had the chance?
Why wont anyone help me? Is it because you didn’t help when you had the chance?

Galatians 6:7-8 is straight forward and without exception. We must harvest that which we sow and no matter how many churches we have joined, and no matter how many good deeds we think we can do to offset our prior deeds, our harvest is inevitable. What I have learned that even in my atonement, God is still with me and will see me through, as God is with all of us, yet now we have the opportunity to sow those things WORTH remembering, instead of things that we would strive hard to forget.

From BluNote Ministries Music- Titled, ‘More Than Once’

This song, to me, many can relate to. It signifies our weaknesses in our spiritual journey by facing the fact that some of our fallings and failings have not just happened once, but many times. It doesn’t signify that God has left us, it usually means that we have fallen into the trap that the enemy sets that fools us into thinking that we are on our own; so we then try, and try and try and try, to no avail. Our best option? Seek God… even it is more than once.

This video is owned exclusively by BluNote Ministries Music. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

The Modern Slave- Applies to All of Us


So I visited the Justice or Else page to get a status on where this rally has progressed. I see that Minister Farrakhan was preparing to address the rally, and a certain person begins his hateful rant about how Farrakhan and this or that. This was obviously a bait to excite foolishness from others, and as usual, it worked, yet what caught my attention was a question posed which said, ‘Has anyone seen a slave that is alive today?’

This is confirmation of how man is SLEEPING in his ignorance, yet I thought I would take a moment to answer that just for laughs. Everyday that that male and so many others like him look in the mirror, they see a slave. They see slaves walking down the street during the day, when they go to work or to school, when they shop at the store, get gas, watch television or any other activity that involves human interaction.

The deception is that slaves are frail people clothed in rags, shacked with rusty metal about their necks, hands and feet, yet this notion is WAY OFF COURSE. They are now well dressed, with various amounts of material possessions; they live from squalor to highly luxurious, they span from no class to upper class and everywhere in between, yet they go each day heavily shackled completely unware of being bound.

They are slaves to their desires for power, money, control, sex, drugs, alcohol, medication, food; they are slaves to technology, industry, making everyone else happy, relationships, career goals, fashion, popularity, BEING RIGHT, BEING SEEN, BEING NOTICED, BEING WORSHIPPED, BEING LOVED BY OTHERS, anger or hate (of self, others or both) and anything else that comes their way.

As slaves, they choose to never wake up because it becomes hard to see the world as it is and still want to live in it; so, they stay sleeping slaves and like the male that sparked the conflict defend our mental, physical and emotional shackles every chance they get, and will also criticize those who CHOOSE to loosen their bounds a bit because slavery, like misery, LOVES COMPANY.

My epiphany of racism

As the nation is again faced with an issue that involves death, and trust betrayed, so many have taken to the streets with the cries of ‘racism’ in connection to the tragedies that have befallen so many families who have lost loved ones due to the actions of those entrusted to ‘serve and protect’.

I began to ask, what is racism; what is it really? Is the root of it based on hatred of another because of race, gender, sexual preference, religious practices, etc…? Or, is it something else that has been overlooked because of the emotional distresses that come from the latter?
The more I delve into the subject, the more I see that racism is primarily about power. Power is something that has fueled the desire of man since the beginning of mans existence; the quest for it, however has been futile, yet it has never lost its ability to control the actions of mankind.
Even in the time of Adam, the desire for power is what drove Eve to eat of the fruit. It is what drove Cain to kill Abel, it is what kept the children of Israel in bondage, it is what sparked every war, betrayal, level of suffering and pain that man has devised and endured for generations, and to this day, it is what has spawned the illusion and delusion that skin color, nationality, financial status, sexual preference, spiritual following and any other difference is a sign of weakness and an excuse to hate one another.
So, to me, racism is the desire to obtain power over everyone and everything and what we THINK is racism is nothing but the methods used to obtain it. In the struggle of black vs. white within the United States, for example, the black or African American culture has been systematically weakened through mental manipulation that focused on the teaching of inner separation and self-loathing which extended to a lack of self respect and love for not only themselves but anyone that ‘looked’ like them.
This was a lifelong process which today has evolved into social, economic, mental, cultural, and spiritual/religious poverty, yet the desire for power still resides. This bleeds into the self destructive practices of drug dealing, physical, emotional, social and sexual assaults, and inner cultural homicides which, in turn, show a de-valuation of the culture as a whole. In any and every form of activity that involves an increase of finance, stature or a possibility to obtain power, the culture is again reminded of its weakness through domestic economic sanctions, an influx of narcotic and weaponized influences in the homes and schools, sub-par educational methodologies aimed at providing information to our youth that will result in further ignorance, tactical blockages from managerial and executive advancements within the workforce, etc….
Racism renders ALL OF US socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually impotent; it blinds us to the any form of equality and completely controls all areas of life as we interpret it. Ironically, the weakness that we attempt to exploit in others to gain power is the same weakness that plagues us and since we accept weakness within ourselves, racism will always be the power tool that breaks our spirits as a whole.

Epiphany Moment- June 26, 2014

I was sitting at a McDonalds today, trying to kill time before picking up my son when I overheard a conversation from this man who claims to be a pastor, loudly talking to people on the phone, seemingly trying to get others attention in the restaurant.

He speaks of money, how much he is getting through a system that relies upon membership and dues to the membership that are subsequently divided within the company hosting this ‘get rich‘ system and the person who brings in more people.

While the whole thing smells of deception, that’s not what caught me. What caught me is how we as people who say we are ‘of God‘ consistently place the cart before the horse when it comes to God and our wants. We want to live comfortably, we want to be financially well off, we want a great relationship with our spouses, children, relatives and friends, we want great health, and greater things outside of ourselves to prove that we are ‘blessed‘. Yet NOTHING WE WANT WILL PROVE POSITIVE OF GOD IN OUR LIVES.

Here’s the revelation: we must FIRST establish a fully enriched relationship with God before trying to ‘rich up’ our pockets. It expands beyond status, hierarchy, and how much we think we know about God and God’s Word. It goes beyond the place we WERE, the place we think we want to be and dare I say, the place we THINK GOD WANTS US TO BE. Our ‘seeking God FIRST‘ suffers when we limit God to an ATM, a medical professional, a legal advisor, marriage counselor, or personal therapist. Our interactions and ultimate integration with God becomes restricted in light of our confusion of what God IS and what God IS TO US; yeah, they are usually very contrasted.

Unfortunately, those who believe that God has the valuation of a ‘noun‘ can infect others passion for further enlightenment, thus causing a regression of spiritual growth. How do we counteract this growing ‘silent spiritual killer‘? We tame the wanting beast within us and open our mind to what is right in front of us.

Momma’s boy, daddy’s girl. What’s the difference???

momma_boyI have heard countless songs, sayings and such about how a ‘woman’ can’t raise a boy to be a man, and that you do not want to be in a relationship with a momma’s boy. There has been many movies and shows depicting this, all to the tune of a negative, yet for some reason the ‘daddy’s little girl’ concept is rarely looked down upon as being just as negative. The daddy’s girl thing is supposed to be cute and innocent, while the momma’s boy thing is looked upon as weak and utterly useless.

Help me out: what is the difference between the two besides gender? What signifies a female who clings to her daddy to be stronger than the male who clings to his momma? We as men are not TAUGHT to look for a strong woman or lady in when seeking out the opposite sex for a relationship or marriage. We are foolishly taught to find a woman that can cook, or clean, or have good sex, or has the ability to have children to pass on the legacy; we are not taught to find a woman who can hold her own, who has ambition or who is not overly dependent on her daddy or ‘daddy figure’ . We are taught to inevitably STAY AWAY FROM THEM; almost the opposite of what a woman is taught.

daddy_girlWe do not flag a female who is still physically, emotionally or psychologically living with her daddy as a problem, yet the male at home with his momma is heresy. We overlook her lack of control over herself, her insecurity when it comes to commitment, her lack of socialization and independence, her lack of drive to BE somebody and her lack of any form of real sophistication for her willingness to give up the body when desired, her ability to cook or settle for less than she deserves, yet these extreme blemishes in character are shunned in the male.

It’s just amazing how society ignores the hypocrisies that it creates. To summarize, a woman can not teach a male to be a MAN no more than a man can teach a female to be a WOMAN. The ONLY thing a man can do for a female in this area is SHOW HER WHAT A TRUE MAN IS. Same for a WOMAN dealing with a male. if neither one knows what it means to be a man or woman, then heaven help them.