Those who say that God is a person is like saying that the atom bomb was just a party popper.

EPIPHANY MOMENT Sept. 13, 2014

Hatred has such an alluring flavor that many choose to consume it daily, yet is SO TOXIC to the system that they always end up spewing it out on others.


My epiphany of racism

As the nation is again faced with an issue that involves death, and trust betrayed, so many have taken to the streets with the cries of ‘racism’ in connection to the tragedies that have befallen so many families who have lost loved ones due to the actions of those entrusted to ‘serve and protect’.

I began to ask, what is racism; what is it really? Is the root of it based on hatred of another because of race, gender, sexual preference, religious practices, etc…? Or, is it something else that has been overlooked because of the emotional distresses that come from the latter?
The more I delve into the subject, the more I see that racism is primarily about power. Power is something that has fueled the desire of man since the beginning of mans existence; the quest for it, however has been futile, yet it has never lost its ability to control the actions of mankind.
Even in the time of Adam, the desire for power is what drove Eve to eat of the fruit. It is what drove Cain to kill Abel, it is what kept the children of Israel in bondage, it is what sparked every war, betrayal, level of suffering and pain that man has devised and endured for generations, and to this day, it is what has spawned the illusion and delusion that skin color, nationality, financial status, sexual preference, spiritual following and any other difference is a sign of weakness and an excuse to hate one another.
So, to me, racism is the desire to obtain power over everyone and everything and what we THINK is racism is nothing but the methods used to obtain it. In the struggle of black vs. white within the United States, for example, the black or African American culture has been systematically weakened through mental manipulation that focused on the teaching of inner separation and self-loathing which extended to a lack of self respect and love for not only themselves but anyone that ‘looked’ like them.
This was a lifelong process which today has evolved into social, economic, mental, cultural, and spiritual/religious poverty, yet the desire for power still resides. This bleeds into the self destructive practices of drug dealing, physical, emotional, social and sexual assaults, and inner cultural homicides which, in turn, show a de-valuation of the culture as a whole. In any and every form of activity that involves an increase of finance, stature or a possibility to obtain power, the culture is again reminded of its weakness through domestic economic sanctions, an influx of narcotic and weaponized influences in the homes and schools, sub-par educational methodologies aimed at providing information to our youth that will result in further ignorance, tactical blockages from managerial and executive advancements within the workforce, etc….
Racism renders ALL OF US socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually impotent; it blinds us to the any form of equality and completely controls all areas of life as we interpret it. Ironically, the weakness that we attempt to exploit in others to gain power is the same weakness that plagues us and since we accept weakness within ourselves, racism will always be the power tool that breaks our spirits as a whole.

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- raze

The word is raze. Pronounced /reyz/. This word is a verb and is defined as

To tear down; demolish.

Used in a sentence: This world seeks justice in destruction as the people foolishly raze their towns, businesses and cities to find it, yet fail to seek God for the fairness that is so desired.

(Exodus ch.14:v.13) and (Proverbs ch.14:v.1)

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- euthenics

The word is euthenics. Pronounced /yoo-THEN-iks/. This word is a noun and is defined as

A science concerned with bettering the condition of human beings through the improvement of their environment.

Used in a sentence: The quest for spiritual harmony can only be accomplished with God’s guidance coupled with an immersion in Divine euthenics.

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- abecedarian

The word is abecedarian. Pronounced \ey-bee-see-DAIR-ee-uhn\. This word can be used as either a noun or an adjective and is defined as

A beginner in any field of learning.

Used in sentences: Many people on an abecedarian path towards an active relationship with Spirit can be easily fascinated by the understanding shown by others who feel their knowledge of God is extensive. However, those looked upon as scholarly when it comes to the interminable possibilities of God, are just as abecedarian as those they attempt to impress.

(1st Corinthians ch.1:v.25)

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- anagnorisis and peripeteia

We are going to define two words this time. The first is anagnorisis and the second is peripeteia.
They are pronounced \an-ag-NAWR-uh-sis\ and \peripəˈtēə\.
Both are nouns, and are defined as

The critical moment of recognition or discovery, especially preceding peripeteia. (Anagnorisis)


A sudden reversal of fortune or change in circumstances. (Peripeteia)

Used in a sentence: It is only for many of us faced with an overwhelming peripeteia that causes the anagnorisis of our lack of control over life and the attempts to regain control prove futile and pointless that will eventually turn to God for answers or relief.

(Psalms ch.78: v.8), (Proverbs ch.3:vs.5-7), (Lamentations ch.3: v. 22)