Something to think about- 2/14/2015

The issues in our lives are only for us to DEAL WITH, NOT CLAIM. We only must claim VICTORY over our issues.

Valentine’s Day inspiration

For those readers who are ‘single’; that is, without some body there to love and appreciate your worthiness, beauty, and value, do not allow this day to distract you from the fact that even though you’re single, you’re not alone and NEVER UN-LOVED.

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary – WINNOW

The word is winnow. Pronounced /win-no/. This word is a verb and is defined as

To remove something that is undesirable.

Used in a sentence: When we further our relationship with God, the need to winnow our unproductive and weighted thoughts and actions are easier to perform and accept as a positive loss.

(2nd Corinthians ch. 5: v. 17)