The difference between Family and Bloodline Strangers

Okay, so this saying about, ‘Family can be your worst enemy’… I decided to look further into that, and I realize that those that we are confusing as ‘family’ are nothing but Bloodline Strangers.

Family are those who SHOW you love, not just a hug and empty words during an event or tragedy; who have actually taken an active interest into getting to know YOU, and NOT through common knowledge which is USUALLY based on your faults or transgressions.

Family are those that do NOT have to have you in SIGHT in order to have you in MIND. They are there when you NEED or DON’T NEED them, and pray with and for you, not just through cynical words, a text message or social post.

Family is NOT based on BLOOD nor on genealogy, but on love, care and truth. They are those who have PROVEN that YOU matter to them, not when its convenient. They laugh when you laugh, cry when you cry and do this NOT when people are around, or even when YOU are around, but their genuine love for you spills over in everything they do WITH AND FOR YOU.

Even when you are HARD TO LOVE, family will love you. They don’t use your issues as a reason to wash their hands completely with you, or condemn you in order to distract themselves from their own problems… they may love you from a distance, but love you nonetheless.

Bloodline Strangers are those who have no real knowledge OF you or care FOR you, but just so happen to have an undeserved title like, cousin, aunt, uncle, niece nephew, sister, brother, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, etc…

Bloodline Strangers get all their tainted information from other Bloodline Strangers and use that as an excuse to not care for you or about you, but WILL put on an ACT for those who they KNOW are your family in order to get credit.

Bloodline Strangers will welcome others to keep them out of your life because of delusions of love when the truth is that they really didn’t want anything to do with you anyway.

Bloodline Strangers are useless to your life and in your life. They have nothing to say or anything to give that is necessary, beneficial or worth your while because it is FUELED by a lack of any love, care, or general interest in you.

Two people recently taught me this: my aunt taught me the difference between family and Bloodline Strangers and my sister taught me that those who ARE family must be held as close a possible.

Doing Some Promotion

I tried to keep this site focused on the inspiration of each reader that passes through, yet I am going to take a moment to share some music that I have been building starting with this song

It simply states that the same trials of life can hit you more than once, and each time, God is there waiting for your call.

It was created in reference to the scripture from (Ecclesiastes ch.4: vs. 9-10).