2,014 things to remember in 2014- 51 thru 60

2014_remember 51. Accept yourself.
52. Respect yourself.
53. Embrace your strengths.
54. Do not continue to feed your weaknesses.
55. Understand the difference between CHANGE and IMPROVEMENT.
56. Be the assistant to your own healing, not the hindrance.
57. Allow yourself to be yourself.
58. Allow God to enhance you.
59. Forgive yourself.
60. Love yourself.

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- blatherskite

The word is blatherskite. Pronounced \BLATH-er-skahyt\. This word is a noun and is defined as

A person given to voluble, empty talk; nonsense.

Used in a sentence:
In the new year, be mindful of the cunning blatherskite who speaks convincing words trying to sway you from your path to God.

(1st John ch.4:vs.1-3)

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- sooth

The word is sooth. Pronounced \sooth\. The word is either a noun OR adjective and is defined as

Truth; reality or fact.

Used in a sentence:
Christ has informed the nations that the sooth(adj) path, when seeking God, starts with Him, yet because of a lack of faith and a trust in the deception of the enemy, many seek a sooth(n) that is based on an elaborate illusion designed to cause man’s ultimate destruction.

(John ch.14:v.6)