How all things point to God – Example two: macroeconomics


God’s supply, man’s demand.

For the sake of the teachings of my macroeconomics teacher who happens to be a follower of this ministry, I pray I get this right.

Okay, in the realm of macroeconomics, there is a phenomenon that is called supply and demand. In somewhat simple terms, it is a study of the level of consumer demand and quantity of demand for a service and/or good from the supplier of the good and/or service in relation to the price and quantity of supply of the service and/or good.
The graph I put up gives a simplified illustration of supply and demand as it relates to price (Y) and quantity (X). So as the supplier increases the price, the quantity of the service and/or good increases; as a consequence to this, the QUANTITY OF DEMAND for the service and/or good DECREASES (everybody loves a deal). There is a point on the graph called the equilibrium where the supplier price and quantity of supply meets the quantity of demand in relation to the price; for example, people are purchasing an average of about five widgets at about $5 dollars a pop. (For those who are studying macroeconomics, I know that this can get REAL complex).

So how would this example be connected to us and our relationship with God?  Here’s where it gets interesting; as our NEEDS are readily supplied and we think that we are fine without God, our QUANTITY OF FAITH, PRAYER, WORSHIP, etc… will DECREASE. Why? Many of us (I was one of these) would only pray in the TROUGH of our needs. Once we felt that God gave me what we NEEDED and/or WANTED and thus reached a temporary PEAK, our NEED to pray, or to exercise my faith, fellowship, and what not began to DECREASE.

This is why God ONLY supplies what is needed by us who seek His grace and mercy each day so as to establish the equilibrium between us and God and the provisions of God for our lives. Hope it all makes sense.

(Philippians ch.4:v.19)

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- ennoble

The word is ennoble. Pronounced \en-NOH-buhl\. This word is a verb, and is defined as

To elevate in degree, excellence, or respect; dignify; exalt.

Used in a sentence: Our God has proven to us that His Word is everlasting and guaranteed; for that reason, all His people shall ennoble Him and proclaim to all that He is God and God alone.
(Isaiah ch.45:vs.22-25)

Quick inspirations October 22, 2013


The IF, ANDIF, THEN statement is widely used in computer programming to set up more complex conditional scenarios that are used to deal with explicit conditions that require at least two possibilities to be TRUE OR FALSE for the procedure to continue.

For example, IF everyone around you wants you to fail, ANDIF only God wants you to succeed, THEN your success is guaranteed.
Romans 8:31

Yet I still stand

Standing through the storms of life.

Standing through the storms of life.

This picture was taken at the family reunion on my family’s land.
This building has been broken, twisted, beaten by nature and time, YET it still stands.
This building has been overlooked, neglected, and condemned, YET it still stands.
This building would be looked at as an eyesore, useless because it is not like the others, or in need of tearing down to make way for what people would deem ‘acceptable’, YET it still stands.
It has stood when many others have fallen, it has stood even though at times it wanted to fall, and has stood to represent that in spite of its look or stigma, it was MADE to STAND because it sits on a strong foundation.
This building represents ME; I stand because I rest upon God’s grace, mercy and love….
What do you stand on?

Help me to understand…

Okay, I got a chance to see the commercial preview of the show Preachers of L. A., and they showed one of the persons mansions and $200,000 Bentley in front while another person shouts, ‘They only see the glory, but do not know the story…’
Now, Jesus saved generations with only the clothes on his back, one pair of sandals, no home on earth to claim, no carriage to ride, and only was provided what He needed by The Father WHEN HE NEEDED IT.
When did the other things these ‘ministers’ proclaim are a part of some glory become in ANY way necessary to do the Will of God, and if they’re not, why show them like they are Divine perks that come with the job? If that is the case, then Christ was GROSSLY under compensated.
(This is what is deemed as a wholesome show…)

I know they wonderin’

This is from a man who the Enemy meant to kill… but still lives. Cracks around the heart and mind, but nevertheless whole.

Have stigmas patched to his name and thereby judged by those who said they were bound by love, yet these same people can turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the scars on my face from a slashed inner spirit and cries of my seemingly diminished soul quality;

Brought before the judges and condemned to be scourged for life by society and those who share a bloodline, yet sometimes it takes the light of a lie to show the truth of a man’s outlook upon you.

It’s amazing how the same people who shout Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, like its the new iPhone or quote scriptures like Progressive quotes insurance costs from its competitors to lure you into a false sense of security, only to be the ones who the Enemy uses the easiest to carry out plans of anarchy and destruction focused on the ones who are God-called and God-purposed, treating you like Joseph as they cast you into the hole of despair and sell you off to the die at the hands of their own tainted egos, hoping that the misery that covers them like a tight itchy cheap suit will loosen its grip and let them feel like they are better than the crap on the bottom of their shoes for a moment.

What confuses them is the fact that God saw favor when they tried so hard to fool God into thinking that I was something other than favored; that the chains they meant for me are the ones that bind them and the grave they meant for me is the one they rot in each day; the fact that in spite of the flames they set to my inner house, it only singed the walls and those who walked away with big feet in too small shoes are still stumbling over their shoestrings because the nothing that they’ve done is the nothing that they are and continue to be.

Let me put it like this for those who have read to this point because peoples attentions are like quick orgasms: I take this from the rapper Future who I think was trying to say it this way: if you have NEVER been through nothin’ and you have NEVER been a sinner, then you’ll have NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea, why through God I’m still a winner… I KNOW THEY WONDERIN‘.

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- malign

The word is malign. Pronounced \muh-LAHYN\. This word is a hybrid, either verb or adjective, and is defined as

VERB: To speak harmful untruths about; speak evil of; slander; defame. ADJECTIVE: Evil in effect; pernicious; baleful; injurious

Used in a sentence: (verb) As Jesus was being prosecuted by the priests, they sought people to malign His character in order to justify His condemnation. (adjective) The malign intentions of the priests were a necessary catalyst to invoke God’s purpose thus bringing salvation to us all.
(Matthew ch. 26, 27, 28)