The ‘Real N***a Movement’ strikes again!

Some time ago, I wrote on the aspects of the ‘real nigga’ as it concerns those males, both young and old, who create havoc in the community and leave many cultures weakened in the quest for equality. The interesting thing about those who take the label as a ‘real nigga’ are not actually bound to a specific race: oh no… ‘real niggas’ span the cosmos and are almost a race of their own because ANYONE CAN BE A REAL NIGGA (OR REAL BITCH, IF FEMALE). Let us turn to our first recent examples:

1. Christopher Lanes tragic encounter with the ‘real nigga’

christopher Lanes killers

Three ‘real niggas’ who brought nothing but heartache, pain and shame to the nation.

These three ‘real niggas’ who range in age from fifteen through seventeen took it upon themselves to satisfy a yearning for action in the summer time by doing something that they THOUGHT was ‘fun’; they got in a car, drove behind an innocent man, who was jogging and minding his own business, and shot him in the back… because they were acting on a need to curb their boredom. After some time, they bragged about it on Facebook, and subsequently were arrested and now face life imprisonment or even death.

2. WWII Vet Delbert Velton: fought for our country, only to be tragically introduced to the ‘real nigga’:

A real nigga who robbed and beat an 88 year old man for some pocket change. One of two.

A real nigga who robbed and beat an 88-year old man to death.

ANother real nigga who beat an 88-year old man to death.

Another real nigga who was involved in the 88-year old man being beaten to death.

Now these two ‘real niggas’ decided that they wanted to get some money, and targeted a man who was no match for them, physically. They stalked, robbed and beat this man to death for nothing more than pocket change. Now they both face life in a cage for their actions.

The two more recent examples of the ‘real nigga’ epidemic shows how this real problem can become a real threat to any culture, AND nation. They end up making real foolish decisions or taking real offensive actions that send a real destructive ripple throughout the community and thus takes a real toll on those who are trying real hard to change the real opinions of others that this race of real human beings are not JUST real violent, real lazy, and simply a REAL WASTE OF TIME AND RESOURCES.

In these situations when the ‘real niggas’ are real young, we tend to look close at the parents and the supposed real ‘lack of parenting’; sometimes becoming real judgmental, yet we must also remember that the young mind is the enemy’s real opportunity to cause some real damage, thereby creating a real doubt in the Real God and undoing any real progress that is being made in achieving a real spiritual connection.

The need for REAL prayer, and a increase of REAL faith is REAL, people.

Expanding our Spiritual Vocabulary- Meander

The word is meander. Pronounced \mee-AN-der\. This word is a verb, and is defined as

To wander aimlessly; ramble.

Used in a sentence: As I followed the path to God, I found that my faith began to slip as I saw the destruction that the Enemy placed all around me; before I knew it, I began to meander in the realm of doubt and confusion and, for a time, forgotten to seek God for guidance.
(Proverbs ch.3:v.6)

Expanding Our Spiritual Vocabulary- Pittance

The word is pittance. Pronounced \PIT-ns\. This word is a noun, and is defined as

A small amount or share.

Used in a sentence: Jesus declared that it only takes a pittance of faith to accomplish greatness in this life.
(Matthew ch.17: v.20)

The problem solving processes. Tried them both!

A time for review…

BluNote Ministries

I thought that I would visit the process of solving a problem WITH and WITHOUTGod. I will be using my own experience as a control for both. Feel free to add or take away for your own steps.

Solving a problem WITHOUTGod

  1. Encounter the problem.
  2. Act like it doesn’t exist, at first…
  3. Let the problem increase in size and/or severity.
  4. Finally face the problem; at this point it may or may not be out of control.
  5. Worry about it…
  6. Worry about it…
  7. Worry about it…
  8. Worry about it!!! Problem increasing…
  9. Start thinking of how to resolve it. Problem still increasing…
  10. Try a solution… working, maybe.
  11. Find that problem has mutated and out of your control (usually is at this point). Repeat steps five through ten. (Unsolved loop created).

Like I said, maybe you implemented more steps above. Don’t feel bad… I have too, just…

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We go through a…

We go through a whole lot with people just to get little to nothing from people.

How much do we sacrifice, just to receive the scraps of half-appreciation, or false thanks? Yet we hope for the big pay-off that RARELY IF EVER COMES.

Be encouraged; here is some GOOD NEWS… All that you put into God, you are guaranteed to get back with interest. You will NEVER come up short.

The strike of t…

The strike of the ‘serpent’ poisons only those who give its venom power.

We can be so influenced by the negativity of those around us, especially when we stumble and fall; instead of trying to help you up, they will attempt to put their foot on your neck with criticism, false friendship and tainted adoration.

Remember that words gain power ONLY THROUGH ACCEPTANCE.