The Modern Slave- Applies to All of Us


So I visited the Justice or Else page to get a status on where this rally has progressed. I see that Minister Farrakhan was preparing to address the rally, and a certain person begins his hateful rant about how Farrakhan and this or that. This was obviously a bait to excite foolishness from others, and as usual, it worked, yet what caught my attention was a question posed which said, ‘Has anyone seen a slave that is alive today?’

This is confirmation of how man is SLEEPING in his ignorance, yet I thought I would take a moment to answer that just for laughs. Everyday that that male and so many others like him look in the mirror, they see a slave. They see slaves walking down the street during the day, when they go to work or to school, when they shop at the store, get gas, watch television or any other activity that involves human interaction.

The deception is that slaves are frail people clothed in rags, shacked with rusty metal about their necks, hands and feet, yet this notion is WAY OFF COURSE. They are now well dressed, with various amounts of material possessions; they live from squalor to highly luxurious, they span from no class to upper class and everywhere in between, yet they go each day heavily shackled completely unware of being bound.

They are slaves to their desires for power, money, control, sex, drugs, alcohol, medication, food; they are slaves to technology, industry, making everyone else happy, relationships, career goals, fashion, popularity, BEING RIGHT, BEING SEEN, BEING NOTICED, BEING WORSHIPPED, BEING LOVED BY OTHERS, anger or hate (of self, others or both) and anything else that comes their way.

As slaves, they choose to never wake up because it becomes hard to see the world as it is and still want to live in it; so, they stay sleeping slaves and like the male that sparked the conflict defend our mental, physical and emotional shackles every chance they get, and will also criticize those who CHOOSE to loosen their bounds a bit because slavery, like misery, LOVES COMPANY.

The betterment of ones self…

I read a post that stated that ‘working on yourself is the hardest part of life’. 

This statement is very true to me. The reason why is because at a time, I didn’t have the tools nor the resources to effectively work on myself, yet I tried to borrow them from areas and situations in my life that did not fit because they were too big or too small or attempting to add complicated pieces to my life that eventually failed. 

That’s when I finally realized that Spirit had all that I needed. The pieces fit perfectly and grew with me as I grew. They weren’t extravagant nor flashy because they weren’t supposed to be. They were only supposed to work with and for me. 

Those of you who are ‘working on yourselves ‘ may need to check your tools and material for defects and incompatibilities because without God, you’re labor will ultimately be in vain.