Trusting God in the coming storm- From the Faith and Trust Series

Referencing Mark 14:32-38

Many of us, before we leave our homes or businesses take a moment to check the weather, whether it be on television, or on our smart devices. This gives us an opportunity to predict and adapt to the coming changes and some sort of CONTROL on how the weather will affect our daily lives. It helps us to decide on what we wear, when we are to leave, how we get to our destination, how long we stay, etc….

Even in the emotional, mental and spiritual storms we may face, we sometimes have the ability to predict and adapt to the coming issue. We come together in supporting environments, and those of us who labor in God, will pray throughout the circumstance for the way to CONTROL the outcome or we pray for God to change the outcome to our FAVOR for our lives and in the lives of those we love. But what happens when the storm comes, and what you do, say or pray doesn’t change it? When the storm is raging towards you and you have nowhere to run or hide? When you come to God for an answer and the answer is NOT in your favor, and only shows suffering, sorrow and pain ahead? All God says is, can you TRUST Me?

Jesus faced this dilemma throughout His journey. He even warned His disciples on many occasions that a STORM IS COMING, and nothing I do here will stop it. Even though they did not understand, it did nothing to lessen the inevitable. In the passage, Jesus went to a place called Gethsemane, a small garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives to pray. At this point Christ made it clear to the disciples with Him that he was afraid (Note: FEAR is a voracious consumer of trust), because He saw the storm coming towards Him, and it was unlike any storm ever faced by an individual. He cold not change it, hid from it, nor even expect God to change it. In his despair, He prayed for change… His trust thus wavering, He knew that God had the ability to change it, yet God’s WILL to change the situation was where the problem lied.

Many people face this type of storm each day, where money, expertise, fame, notoriety, status nor title makes a difference to the issue at hand… and all we can do is brace for it but that does not stop us from trying to change it to our benefit. Christ asked God for the cup of this suffering in the horizon to be taken from Him.

Like us, He faced God and the question was asked of Him, can you trust Me? You are about to go through something devastating to the point of death… there is no way around it. There is no way to change it. It MUST happen… can you trust God in this? Even though your prayers are being answered and the answer brings more sorrow and NO relief? Can you trust God when you have to face this chaos even though you did NOTHING TO PROVOKE IT? Can you trust God when your back is against the wall and the beast is about to strike your health, your loved ones, finances, career, shelter, freedom, or your very life hangs in the balance… can you trust God? Unlike Christ, however, our answer, based on the LACK of trust due to FEAR AND DOUBT is a resounding, no.

The flesh that was Christ cried out for mercy… the God that was Christ brought that flesh back under subjection with one word… NEVERTHELESS. In spite of what I want, what is coming, how it will hit me, how far into the abyss it will take me, how it will affect my children, mother, father, brothers sisters, friends, church, job, living situation, health, freedom, or even my very life, not MY will God, but YOURS. This is why the quantity of trust that we have in God MUST BE ALL, because as we live and breathe, IT WILL BE CHALLENGED TO ITS LIMITS AND BEYOND. (Proverbs 3:5-6) 

In conclusion, even when we don’t understand, nor feel we deserve the storm, we must trust that God will be with us THROUGH IT. No matrer what it brings, or how long it lasts, keep your eyes on God, period.


The Origin of Love

We believe that the love we feel is genuine, especially when we have no real understanding nor CONNECTION to its true ORIGIN (defines as the point or place where something begins). We confuse the feeling that starts out as a chemical reaction as being REAL, only to watch it dissipate and disappear in the light of certain events, or actions of others, or lack of physical contact or visual referencing (out of sight, out of mind).

When we actively feed into our relationship with God, we then experience what TRUE LOVE IS. Love IS God, and God IS love, so it shows itself everlasting and NOT based on the actions of others (i.e. whether they do what we want, what we say, act like we want them to act, or even reciprocate love.) The beauty of Divine or AGAPE love is that it doesn’t require replenishment from man… it is always connected to its eternal ORIGIN.

1st John 4:7-12

What is given, can be taken

We must never forget where our lives and all the possessions we take for granted in our lives come from. By the grace of God we are provided for, yet sometimes we can forget and slip into the ‘it was my will and my skill’ way of thinking real quickly, especially when our egos are fed by the world.

Many of us have prayed for things to come into our lives, or change in our lives, and once God provides, we, a first, will thank God for blessing us. As time goes on, and what we asked for starts to benefit us, or increase for the better, we can get caught up in the feeling of accomplishment, especially when the results begin to show to others. In time, if not careful, we have convinced ourselves that we are in control of the outcome and even boast of our magnificence, only to ultimately be stripped of all that we believed to be of our making.

Remember, our lives are gifts, not privileges, and never to be confused with being deserved or earned, thus it is imperative that we keep in the FRONT OF OUR MINDS that it was not OUR will, but God’s.

Referencing Deuteronomy 8:11-20

Why We Miss The Answer To Our Prayers

Pray without ceasing.

It is written in God’s Word that we are to ‘pray without ceasing’. (1st Thessalonians ch.5:v.17), yet as we pray, especially in our times of greater distress or ‘need’, we forget that God is still speaking, and in our wailing and anguishing and covering of ashes, the answer can be missed… for example,

YOU: Oh God, I need you help! I am struggling through this and don’t have a clue how to get out!
GOD: This is what you do…
YOU: Friends are gone, no family… all I have is YOU LORD! Please help me!
GOD: I am here, and…
YOU: I have been praying to You OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and I still don’t have an answer Lord! You said that You wouldn’t leave me alone, but where are you Lord???
GOD: I am…
YOU: Why wont You answer me???
GOD: I am giving you the ans…
YOU: WHY LORD??? What have I done??? Have I made You angry??? Are You still there???? Why wont You ANSWER ME???
GOD: I am giving you the ans…
YOU: Never mind… Amen.

The Word of God tells us to pray without ceasing… it didn’t say pray without pausing.

Black Lives DO Matter


Time to think!

The slogan of the year, black lives matter, that stems from the senseless killings that have plagued the black culture in this nation for years, to which, NOW has became a hot button when its been a serious issue LONG before the death of Mike Brown and others, has prompted people to forget that the black life has always mattered, so to speak; it is not IF black lives matter, but WHEN do black lives matter that I wish to point out.

Black Lives Matter:

  • When local counties/cities need a certain percentage of minorities to get funding from the state or federal government.
  • When the privately owned prison companies are in need of more residences.
  • When the state owned prisons are in need  of more residences.
  • When the fake hair industry stocks the neighborhood hair shops and they need to move the product.
  • When car rim, stereo and speaker system sales need a boost.
  • When the liquor industry needs a black hip-hop celebrity face to sell their knock off product that didn’t make the cut for quality.
  • When the shoe industry slaps another black sports figure on another high price, low quality product that brings no value to the wearer.
  • When the technology industry markets another high end smartphone device to the community that does everything BUT make a decent phone call, but still needs to sell.
  • When small companies trying to cash in on subsides from the government by ‘giving away’ government phones need sign-ups.
  • When drug dealers ship in product from foreign lands and need sellers to move the product or users to consume the product.
  • When the pharmaceutical industry needs to test the latest drug to ‘counter’ diabetes, hypertension, or any other disease that strongly affects the black community.
  • When title loan and other ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ companies spread through the community to prey upon the desperate that do not have financial management skills.

This is not a stab at the stereotype of the black culture, but a reality check that is not being addressed and understand that unfortunately, when it comes to these things and others that do nothing to heal the black culture or the community, black lives DO matter.

The ‘Jenga’ Ministries

 The Word of God is perfect. It has stood strong in the hearts and minds of those that have chosen to follow, and never has forsaken anyone who has stayed true to it.  It grows with man, and helps man to grow; its dynamic and never needed modification, and addendum, nor required assistance in being what it is… The Word of God. It has been retranslated into many forms for clarity by man, yet its core still holds true each and every day, yet man has NOT truly believed this. man has looked at Gods Word as dated, uninteresting, difficult to control, yet ironically, a resource OF CONTROL when it comes to the people. 

 Now, as the Enemy has further infiltrated the House of God through the injection of non-believers posing as ‘preachers, ministers, pastors, bishops, and other forms of ministral authority’, Gods Word has been further bastardized and picked apart, creating a cacophony of confusion and legions of followers pack the churches to get an incomplete message that caters to ther desires of wealth, fame and power. They support the fallacy, even to the point of defending it; they do not question the unrelated material placed before them, because they are bred to believe that this person before them was ‘called to lead’, yet they never ask where this person was called to lead them to; there is a GREAT DIFFERNCE.

   In the game of Jenga, the players first start off with a complete tower. It stands strong because all the pieces work together to keep it sturdy. The object is to pick pieces from different areas of the tower and place them on top, eventually creating a tower that is unsteady until one pulls a piece and makes it topple… Then the game is over.

In ‘Jenga ministry’ the concept is the same, except the pieces are only removed and never replaced. The tower doesn’t grow, it only becomes completely unsteady, until it topples. It topples in the minds of those that are taught that The Word of God in its current form isn’t good enough. It topples when the people are lead to believe that God needs ANYTHING from them,especially money. It topples when the teachings of Christ are distorted in order to gain a quantity of blind followers who see God as a resource to be extorted, NOT a source of life. It topples when these non-believers arrogantly state that my title makes me right, and the people agree, and these people are then sent out into a war where they are ill-equipped to fight because they have given dull and broken weapons, rusted and I’ll-fitting armor, and have no idea that the enemy is the one who they THINK is their friend, as the true Enemy inducts legions to its cause, and are trained thoroughly for the war ahead. It topples when the media makes folly of the ministry through foolish ‘reality shows‘ which have NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD NOR THE REALITY OF WHAT GOD REPRESENTS. It topples because Gods Word is stripped of life in the hearts of the people and is reduced to a book of chronological and historical accounts that hold no value to anyone.

This is what is accepted. So many men and women go out of their way to try and prove that Christ didn’t know what He was talking about and that God is not needed each and every moment of your life… Only when the rent is due, or they need a man or woman or a job, or money, or that the commandments of God don’t apply because the governing body says so, or when it is acceptable to the masses; we conveniently forget that what we accept doesn’t make it acceptable.

So what do we do? As a people, it is obvious that we care less and less of it until it finally goes down the drain and all that is done is undone. As a person, we MUST pray and seek God for a way out of the bondages that we place ourselves in; we seek understanding from God and not ourselves nor others, we realize that there is a war that in spite of our BEST EFFORTS (meaning those efforts that only involve US), we are not ready to engage. We finally trust Gods Word in its entirety. We stop playing Jenga with It and know that It is what is best and needed in AND for our lives.

(Ephesians ch.6:vs. 10-18, Hebrews ch.4:vs. 11-13, Proverbs ch,3:vs. 5-9, Romans ch.14:vs. 11-12, John ch.6:vs. 32-40, Matthew ch.22:vs. 17-21)

Something to think about… Trying the Spirits.

Some time ago, I sought God’s counsel on the scripture, ‘Try the Spirits and see if they be of God…’ in order to clarify WHY this is important. The answer I received was, ‘because the enemy doesn’t mind you thanking God for what it has wrought in your life, especially when you can’t see the the writing on the wall.’ What does that mean? Does that mean that what I think is good and of God based on what I want? Is it gauged on my desires? Is God’s goodness measured and limited to my mind and the things outside of myself that I run after each day?

Remembering that NOTHING that God gives you can EVER be taken away by ANYONE at ANYTIME hints to the answer. I watch people get awards from man and thank God for them… only to have them stripped once man decides that they no longer want them to have it anymore because of an issue or situation; are they still thankful for the award? Was it EVER TRULY THERES? Man has NEVER given ANYONE ANYTHING… its only rented or leased… money, power, materials, love, respect, trust, so called freedom, all that we strive to get from others is borrowed or loaned out. It is the illusion of man’s ability to be more than his nature will allow. Man doesn’t understand ‘living’; man only understands profiting.

So the answer to me is this: if it is of God, it is forever.

The difference between Family and Bloodline Strangers

Okay, so this saying about, ‘Family can be your worst enemy’… I decided to look further into that, and I realize that those that we are confusing as ‘family’ are nothing but Bloodline Strangers.

Family are those who SHOW you love, not just a hug and empty words during an event or tragedy; who have actually taken an active interest into getting to know YOU, and NOT through common knowledge which is USUALLY based on your faults or transgressions.

Family are those that do NOT have to have you in SIGHT in order to have you in MIND. They are there when you NEED or DON’T NEED them, and pray with and for you, not just through cynical words, a text message or social post.

Family is NOT based on BLOOD nor on genealogy, but on love, care and truth. They are those who have PROVEN that YOU matter to them, not when its convenient. They laugh when you laugh, cry when you cry and do this NOT when people are around, or even when YOU are around, but their genuine love for you spills over in everything they do WITH AND FOR YOU.

Even when you are HARD TO LOVE, family will love you. They don’t use your issues as a reason to wash their hands completely with you, or condemn you in order to distract themselves from their own problems… they may love you from a distance, but love you nonetheless.

Bloodline Strangers are those who have no real knowledge OF you or care FOR you, but just so happen to have an undeserved title like, cousin, aunt, uncle, niece nephew, sister, brother, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, etc…

Bloodline Strangers get all their tainted information from other Bloodline Strangers and use that as an excuse to not care for you or about you, but WILL put on an ACT for those who they KNOW are your family in order to get credit.

Bloodline Strangers will welcome others to keep them out of your life because of delusions of love when the truth is that they really didn’t want anything to do with you anyway.

Bloodline Strangers are useless to your life and in your life. They have nothing to say or anything to give that is necessary, beneficial or worth your while because it is FUELED by a lack of any love, care, or general interest in you.

Two people recently taught me this: my aunt taught me the difference between family and Bloodline Strangers and my sister taught me that those who ARE family must be held as close a possible.

My viewpoint of ‘US Justice’

The United States Justice System is like anti-virus software. When the antivirus initiative began, it was clunky, passive and focused on what was deemed ‘malicious code’. It waited for a threat to begin its assault and then quarantined the threat or eradicated it altogether. At first, it let many more sophisticated threats pass through because it was not fully matured.

As it grew and became more sophisticated, it began to work proactively and began to seek out anything that RESEMBLED what it deemed ‘malicious code’ and begin a preemptive strike against it, even though it was not a threat, but fit the description of something that was threatening (I.e. Racial profiling).

Now, after years of tweaking, it has grown into a security juggernaut that only allows what falls in the realm of safe, trusting, and designed like itself applications to actually properly function within the system… Everything else is a threat and will be sought out and eliminated.

As we seek power… Part one.

It has been a while since I have written here, and I know that that is NOT because of a lack of Divine inspiration, or topics (there have been many many topics). As I have continued my journey, life brought changes I my life which began to take more of my time, yet God never stopped presenting me with example and information that is still necessary to share with you and the world.

One to which is the primary topic of this writing for I started to meditate on why I even do this blog thing. Did I start this because I truly wanted to share with the people of God the interpretations of what God has shared with me in an effort to bring people closer to God through this ministry that I am ONLY an instrument of? Or, was it because I wanted to passively gain POWER over those who read and lovingly manipulate the minds and thinking of the people through an illusion of knowledge and insightful worlds and phrases? Yes, I do check myself like that.

I will answer that question later… For now, let us discuss the term, POWER. In the light of the events that have befallen this nation and the countries abroad, we see that the struggle for power is on a great upswing. Racial tensions, the slew of injustices and taking of lives have all contributed to the desire for power over our thoughts and actions. Now here’s where it gets disturbing; EVERYTHING that man has done up to THIS point in history has been for the desire of POWER… There hasn’t been one thing that man as a whole has been involved in that wasn’t intended to gain POWER, and yet the struggle continues because it is still elusive to us. From the time of Adam, when Eve was tempted in the garden, the enemy played upon this desire for it saw it in them and KNEW it was the easiest way to place us upon the path to destruction (Genesis ch.3:vs.1-5).

This lust for POWER is something that begins at a young age; when a child has a toy or something of conceived ‘value‘ and another child comes along and wants to share in its wonder or beauty, the one who holds it may become selfish, keeping the toy out of the other child’s reach. Now when the child begins to cry, or show any form of emotion as a result of this, the child CONTROLLING (key to this) the situation will either do one of two things: show compassion because of the pain that it has brought forth and thus share the toy, OR taste the POWER that it thinks it has over the other child and seek more. This behavior is thus learned from a young age and carried throughout adulthood for ALL OF US.

The desire for POWER has spawned many children which are confused as being singular factors in man’s plight and will be broken down in detail in later posts, yet what I will do is list a few symptoms that have spawned from this beast that we ALL at one time or another have allowed to take a bite from us, or even devoured our whole existence:

  • Entertainment
  • Industrialism
  • Racism (A review)
  • Religion (From the avid bible shaker, to the unyielding atheist)
  • Technology

Stay tuned….