Epiphany – December 2, 2013


I found myself trying to understand the lyrical choices of these known ‘gospel artists’ that are floating around, especially those who focus on the questionable notion that ‘the more you have means that God favors you more’.

They place these scenarios where they are financially set, and in the end it’s because of God, yet do not take a moment to acknowledge the teachings of Christ, who never traveled with a stitch of possession; The Master taught us that the things we so secretly and/or openly covet HAVE NEVER NOR WILL EVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH GODS FAVOR IN OUR LIVES.

Are these ‘artists’ claiming that my poor, struggling self is less loved, less favored, or less seen? Yet I was given the answer in my confusion: these songs were NOT created to make SENSE, BUT to make SALES.


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