Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- indubitable

The word is indubitable. Pronounced \in-DOO-bi-tuh-buhl\. This word is an adjective, and is defined as

That cannot be doubted; patently evident or certain; unquestionable.

Used in a sentence: As we grow in the Word of God and establish our relationship with the Father, we then experience indubitable faith in God and all that God provides us.
(Mark ch.11:vs.22-24)

Epiphany moment! September 25, 2013


Time to think!

I have been concerned about the rise in the non-believers lately. people are more and more becoming outspoken about their lack of faith, and belief in God, and I wonder why… why are people so lacking in connection with God, and why is this becoming so much more acceptable?

My theory is this: to connect with God; to believe, have faith and establish a actual relationship with God requires one to accept that he or she is NOT in control of their anything, and to trust that something that can not be recognized by the physical mind and senses to provide what is necessary for them to live and live abundantly. This is not an easy task, since we are bred to think that we can do it all, know it all, seen it all, and done it all without any assistance from anyone OR anything in particular.

I also theorize as society has become decadent in its faith in general, and has strengthened its reliance on the tangible aspects of life (i.e. government, industry, technology, medicine, etc…). Think about it; since the Enemy has greatly infiltrated the ministries and caused chaos to reign and since this has been exploited by the media and those that are primary backers of the Enemy and the Enemy’s will on their lives, people have found less and less reason to rely upon prayer, faith and commitment to Christ and The Father. So now, we see the non-believer mocking God, Christ, the Word of God, faith and prayer and it is ultimately ignored or WORSE, followed.

So where does all this ‘do without God‘ mentality lead to? Christ made it clear… (Matthew ch.7:vs. 13)

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- parri passu

The word is pari passu. Pronounced \PAIR-ahy PAS-oo\. This word is an adverb, and is defined as

With equal pace or progress; side by side.

Used in a sentence: The Word of God informs us that our actions, whether good or corrupted will be met pari passu in consequence.

(Galatians ch.6:vs7-8)