Trusting God in the coming storm- From the Faith and Trust Series

Referencing Mark 14:32-38

Many of us, before we leave our homes or businesses take a moment to check the weather, whether it be on television, or on our smart devices. This gives us an opportunity to predict and adapt to the coming changes and some sort of CONTROL on how the weather will affect our daily lives. It helps us to decide on what we wear, when we are to leave, how we get to our destination, how long we stay, etc….

Even in the emotional, mental and spiritual storms we may face, we sometimes have the ability to predict and adapt to the coming issue. We come together in supporting environments, and those of us who labor in God, will pray throughout the circumstance for the way to CONTROL the outcome or we pray for God to change the outcome to our FAVOR for our lives and in the lives of those we love. But what happens when the storm comes, and what you do, say or pray doesn’t change it? When the storm is raging towards you and you have nowhere to run or hide? When you come to God for an answer and the answer is NOT in your favor, and only shows suffering, sorrow and pain ahead? All God says is, can you TRUST Me?

Jesus faced this dilemma throughout His journey. He even warned His disciples on many occasions that a STORM IS COMING, and nothing I do here will stop it. Even though they did not understand, it did nothing to lessen the inevitable. In the passage, Jesus went to a place called Gethsemane, a small garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives to pray. At this point Christ made it clear to the disciples with Him that he was afraid (Note: FEAR is a voracious consumer of trust), because He saw the storm coming towards Him, and it was unlike any storm ever faced by an individual. He cold not change it, hid from it, nor even expect God to change it. In his despair, He prayed for change… His trust thus wavering, He knew that God had the ability to change it, yet God’s WILL to change the situation was where the problem lied.

Many people face this type of storm each day, where money, expertise, fame, notoriety, status nor title makes a difference to the issue at hand… and all we can do is brace for it but that does not stop us from trying to change it to our benefit. Christ asked God for the cup of this suffering in the horizon to be taken from Him.

Like us, He faced God and the question was asked of Him, can you trust Me? You are about to go through something devastating to the point of death… there is no way around it. There is no way to change it. It MUST happen… can you trust God in this? Even though your prayers are being answered and the answer brings more sorrow and NO relief? Can you trust God when you have to face this chaos even though you did NOTHING TO PROVOKE IT? Can you trust God when your back is against the wall and the beast is about to strike your health, your loved ones, finances, career, shelter, freedom, or your very life hangs in the balance… can you trust God? Unlike Christ, however, our answer, based on the LACK of trust due to FEAR AND DOUBT is a resounding, no.

The flesh that was Christ cried out for mercy… the God that was Christ brought that flesh back under subjection with one word… NEVERTHELESS. In spite of what I want, what is coming, how it will hit me, how far into the abyss it will take me, how it will affect my children, mother, father, brothers sisters, friends, church, job, living situation, health, freedom, or even my very life, not MY will God, but YOURS. This is why the quantity of trust that we have in God MUST BE ALL, because as we live and breathe, IT WILL BE CHALLENGED TO ITS LIMITS AND BEYOND. (Proverbs 3:5-6) 

In conclusion, even when we don’t understand, nor feel we deserve the storm, we must trust that God will be with us THROUGH IT. No matrer what it brings, or how long it lasts, keep your eyes on God, period.


The unearned ‘gift’

The saying ‘what’s worth having is worth working for’ is how we usually validate the value of what we desire. The thought of giving something freely, is in so many cases, unacceptable to the majority of us, because we have been taught that if is not worked for, it is not worth anything.

As parents, we give gifts to our children, only to usually watch them show little to no regard to the gift, yet the same child will cherish that thing he or she earned. This is something that we take with us through our lives… we use this in every aspect of our lives, ESPECIALLY love. Many have been emotionally scarred because of the given not earned concept of love… I gave them my love and they threw it away. Why? because they did not do anything to EARN it. This example connects with the Word of God in that we are spiritually spoiled and rarely appreciate what God gives to us everyday, and what Christ gave to us many, many years ago. Not counting the events that lead to is crucifixion; the beatings, ridicule, mocking, disrespect and desertion of those who vowed to be by Christ side through it all… all of this so that we would have life, yet what do we do with the gift? many of us take the blood shed for our transgressions, and spit it right back in God’s face.

The point is to appreciate the gifts of God. Appreciate the sacrifice of life so that we ALL could continue to live, and always be reminded that this gift, honestly could NEVER BE EARNED.

Referencing John 3:16-17

Spiritual Arsonists

When a home is constructed, it will usually take between three to six months to complete, not counting changes, unseen issues and the like. A fire, on the other hand, can destroy that same building within hours.

At the bottom of this posting there, is an image which illustrate what is needed for a fire to begin. What I also found interesting in my research of fire is that it is looked at as an EVENT, rather than a THING, which in the case of our lives and how we approach things, makes perfect sense to me.

Fire needs three elements to ignite: HEAT, FUEL AND OXYGEN. If either ONE of these elements is missing, the fire will not start. So many of us who call ourselves, ‘CHRISTIANS’ or MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD‘ are experts in the committing of spiritual arson. We can and HAVE burned down relationships, friendships, marriages, careers and the like because of our inability to control our tongues.

The Word of God warns us of the power of the tongue; being it a small muscle, it has more power than almost ALL the muscles in the body with the exception of the heart. it can bless and curse in the same breath and many are very capable of being blessing and curses to anyone and everyone with their words.

So how does it occur: first we need HEAT- usually that is our emotions that have boiled out of control because of something not going our way, or someones actions or even their words. Next, we have to be FUELED by something or even SOMEONE, this comes in the form of instigation from others or from the enemy itself (i.e. Who does he or she think they are, or do they know who they are talking to? etc…) this brings the ego into play and since so many of us are ego -driven, this is the common fueling element. Lastly, we take in OXYGEN, and let it flow! Before we know it, we have caused fiery destruction all around us, burning all in our paths, yet we then try to ask for forgiveness for something that we CLAIM we have no control over… when it is in fact that we don’t WANT to control it. We think that it makes us powerful, yet it shows how truly WEAK we are. This is another common and widespread trick of the enemy that we ALL have fallen for one time in our lives.

What’s ironic is that all we have to do is take ONE of the elements out and the fire of our tongues will never ignite. How do we do this, you may ask… the answer is in God.

Referencing: James 3:5-10


Lord I need Your help…

Because life aint easy,
…because there is no easy without You,
…because I have failed too many times on my own,
…because things are looking up in my life and it doesn’t mean that I need You any less,
…because I hurt alot,
…because I cry alot,
…because I lost my momma,
…because my dad is in pain,
…because I cant be there for my son while he strives to become a man,
…because the enemy tried to destroy me,
…because my cousin came to be with You,
…because the world is against me,
…because I am nothing without You,
…just because…

Reality Check for Sept. 7, 2014

A cross

Through Christ we succeed.

Some of us have a deep, intimate, relationship with the bible. We study extensively the chronology, history and validity of the people, and places mentioned within its pages. We become experts in biblical vernacular, scriptural location, and apocryphal and canonical aspects of the different writings, religions and beliefs. We perform this action for many years of our lives, some of us becoming respected theological scholars and provided degrees of high stature to signify our mastery… and that’s it.

Some of us seek a deep, intimate relationship with God; even though our theological education may be almost non-existent to the rest of the world and we can barely remember what the Word of God says, yet prove what IT DOES IN US AND FOR US through our actions and treatment of others, we get all we need, when we need it.

(Matthew ch.6: v.33, Luke ch.12:vs.32-32)

Something to think about- Sept. 5, 2014

We do NOT praise the trumpet, nor the piano, nor the drums after they have been professionally played in a concert. We do NOT give recognition to the dump truck, nor power tools, nor blueprint for their roles in the construction of a building. We do NOT interview the scalpel, suture, nor x-ray machine in the roles they played in saving a life… for they are the instruments. Yet many desire these things when they think they’re doing God’s Will by preaching, evangelizing, singing, etc…. this is an illusion of power sought yet never found.

We are but instruments in ministry. Even Christ acknowledged this. He IS the path that leads to God, the proof of God’s truth and the life everlasting, yet in all of this, He knew His place.

(John ch.14:v.6, Luke ch.18:vs.18-19)


Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- abecedarian

The word is abecedarian. Pronounced \ey-bee-see-DAIR-ee-uhn\. This word can be used as either a noun or an adjective and is defined as

A beginner in any field of learning.

Used in sentences: Many people on an abecedarian path towards an active relationship with Spirit can be easily fascinated by the understanding shown by others who feel their knowledge of God is extensive. However, those looked upon as scholarly when it comes to the interminable possibilities of God, are just as abecedarian as those they attempt to impress.

(1st Corinthians ch.1:v.25)

Something to think about- April 1, 2014

Does EVERYBODY have to think like you? Is it okay that the minds of others not parallel with yours? Can you accept that his opinion or her opinion is their right to have?
Do you find yourself arguing with EVERYONE over their right to use their mind as they see fit? And after you have spent all that energy and time trying to succumb others to your will, what have you gained? What have you lost?
Last question: did the fact that Jesus NOT argue with those around Him, not tempting to force His Will and the Will of The Father upon others make Him WISE or WEAK, according to your methods?

Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- panacea

The word is panacea. Pronounced \pan-uh-SEE-uh\. This word is a noun and is defined as

An answer or solution for all problems or difficulties.

Used in a sentence: Those of us that seek an answer to the problems and issues that befall us in life need not travel far, for the panacea that provides us with all these things lies within prayer to Our Father in heaven.

(Matthew ch.21:v.22), (Acts ch.6:v.4), (Philippians ch.1:vs 4,19 and ch.4:v.6), (James ch.5:16)