Black Lives DO Matter


Time to think!

The slogan of the year, black lives matter, that stems from the senseless killings that have plagued the black culture in this nation for years, to which, NOW has became a hot button when its been a serious issue LONG before the death of Mike Brown and others, has prompted people to forget that the black life has always mattered, so to speak; it is not IF black lives matter, but WHEN do black lives matter that I wish to point out.

Black Lives Matter:

  • When local counties/cities need a certain percentage of minorities to get funding from the state or federal government.
  • When the privately owned prison companies are in need of more residences.
  • When the state owned prisons are in need  of more residences.
  • When the fake hair industry stocks the neighborhood hair shops and they need to move the product.
  • When car rim, stereo and speaker system sales need a boost.
  • When the liquor industry needs a black hip-hop celebrity face to sell their knock off product that didn’t make the cut for quality.
  • When the shoe industry slaps another black sports figure on another high price, low quality product that brings no value to the wearer.
  • When the technology industry markets another high end smartphone device to the community that does everything BUT make a decent phone call, but still needs to sell.
  • When small companies trying to cash in on subsides from the government by ‘giving away’ government phones need sign-ups.
  • When drug dealers ship in product from foreign lands and need sellers to move the product or users to consume the product.
  • When the pharmaceutical industry needs to test the latest drug to ‘counter’ diabetes, hypertension, or any other disease that strongly affects the black community.
  • When title loan and other ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ companies spread through the community to prey upon the desperate that do not have financial management skills.

This is not a stab at the stereotype of the black culture, but a reality check that is not being addressed and understand that unfortunately, when it comes to these things and others that do nothing to heal the black culture or the community, black lives DO matter.

My epiphany of racism

As the nation is again faced with an issue that involves death, and trust betrayed, so many have taken to the streets with the cries of ‘racism’ in connection to the tragedies that have befallen so many families who have lost loved ones due to the actions of those entrusted to ‘serve and protect’.

I began to ask, what is racism; what is it really? Is the root of it based on hatred of another because of race, gender, sexual preference, religious practices, etc…? Or, is it something else that has been overlooked because of the emotional distresses that come from the latter?
The more I delve into the subject, the more I see that racism is primarily about power. Power is something that has fueled the desire of man since the beginning of mans existence; the quest for it, however has been futile, yet it has never lost its ability to control the actions of mankind.
Even in the time of Adam, the desire for power is what drove Eve to eat of the fruit. It is what drove Cain to kill Abel, it is what kept the children of Israel in bondage, it is what sparked every war, betrayal, level of suffering and pain that man has devised and endured for generations, and to this day, it is what has spawned the illusion and delusion that skin color, nationality, financial status, sexual preference, spiritual following and any other difference is a sign of weakness and an excuse to hate one another.
So, to me, racism is the desire to obtain power over everyone and everything and what we THINK is racism is nothing but the methods used to obtain it. In the struggle of black vs. white within the United States, for example, the black or African American culture has been systematically weakened through mental manipulation that focused on the teaching of inner separation and self-loathing which extended to a lack of self respect and love for not only themselves but anyone that ‘looked’ like them.
This was a lifelong process which today has evolved into social, economic, mental, cultural, and spiritual/religious poverty, yet the desire for power still resides. This bleeds into the self destructive practices of drug dealing, physical, emotional, social and sexual assaults, and inner cultural homicides which, in turn, show a de-valuation of the culture as a whole. In any and every form of activity that involves an increase of finance, stature or a possibility to obtain power, the culture is again reminded of its weakness through domestic economic sanctions, an influx of narcotic and weaponized influences in the homes and schools, sub-par educational methodologies aimed at providing information to our youth that will result in further ignorance, tactical blockages from managerial and executive advancements within the workforce, etc….
Racism renders ALL OF US socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually impotent; it blinds us to the any form of equality and completely controls all areas of life as we interpret it. Ironically, the weakness that we attempt to exploit in others to gain power is the same weakness that plagues us and since we accept weakness within ourselves, racism will always be the power tool that breaks our spirits as a whole.

Peripheral Values- Series Introduction


Take a moment to look at the image above… many of us, when it comes to our desires, goals, choices and overall vision for our lives do NOT see past the 3 degrees of focus. No concern is shown for those that can be affected by the choices we make, whether they be positive or otherwise. No consideration is taken for those that are overlooked or hurt physically, or emotionally from the ultimate selfishness and/or lack of thinking things through.

For example, a person who deals drugs does it for the money, that is their primary care, yet they do not see how it affects their ‘loved ones’ until one or more are targeted by their rivals. Yet, the rival itself has no concern for the ones in their blind spot because like the person for whom they are after, they suffer from the 3 degree vision as well. The cycle can be endless in its negative effects.

As I expound what I deem ‘peripheral values’, we will further look into what it takes to extend our inner viewpoints to the rest of those that are around us thus creating a vision of care for those affected by our decisions and actions.

The alarming rise in spiritual suicide

Too many people have made the decision to kill themselves spiritually because of a loss of someone they never owned, unfulfilled wants, or a lack of interest in God and what God has to offer because the easy path to destruction looks so much more promising. Understand that the term ‘spiritually dead’ does not relate to the physical… this is a deliberate separation of ones self from God and an acceptance of ‘everything else’.

The subtle character of the serpent was always the standard used to spread the poisonous influence to the masses; it was further enhanced with the introduction of the Information superhighway and its glorious ability to get the word out on a global scale. Man’s self magnificence with innovation created a pious outlook upon God, Christ, The Word of God, and everything It stands for as the enemy continues to use man against himself to ultimately bring forth the undoing of all that God has done, NOT NECESSARILY BY WIPING IT ALL OUT, BUT BY MAKING IT IRRELEVANT.

The choice to become spiritually dead is just that; a choice, yet it has became a more common decision that at one point was almost unheard of. Now it is being fueled by mans insatiable desire to have dominion over what he considers ‘destiny and fate’ as well as the ability to do without consequence. See, anything that the Word of God requires or encourages us to avoid only flavors mans want for it and thus builds the resistance towards God and what God stands for making the choice of spiritual suicide mitigated in the minds of those who take the plunge into what they THINK is an acquisition of their life.

Many have created the delusion that without God there is freedom because the things that people see as ‘fun’ can ONLY be done without God looking over his or her shoulder. Many have also chosen to adopt this thinking because the world is become further built upon the concept that was derived that to ‘do what thou wilt‘ was fashionable and with time became further acceptable in spite of knowing its origin. Ironically, this freedom concept is only an illusion; the truth is, to do what thou wilt comes with dire consequences that can guarantee a life of tragedy and misery, yet even though this is proven each and every day, it is still the ‘fixed fight’ so many try so desperately to win, when it has been designed from the beginning with NO WINNING OUTCOME.

The question that I gather from this is much will man have to lose before he realizes what he has chosen to throw away?