In the Darkest of Times, God’s Light Will Still Show

On July 24th, my oldest son was killed. He was only 20 years old… his name was Asante McCoy.

He was my baby… he looked like me, was much taller than me, yet he was still my baby. The streets took him away from me and with that so much of who I am left with him. I do not write this for sympathy, but for prayer from those of you who may read and enjoy the messages shared here.

Right now, I am planning a memorial service to be held for him in Illinois and in California, where he was born to which I will be laying my son to rest. This will cost us, yet I have hope in God that He will make a way.

We set up a Gofundme site to give opportunity to those who would want to help us raise what we need to make this possible. It is only a part of the journey… learning to live without him with me is the one that will last forever.

The site address is Any help no matter the size will be a great step on my journey for my son. If you do not have, then prayer is also greatly accepted.

May God bless you and keep you, always.

Motherhood, Earned.

(Referencing- Ruth 1:1-18 Mark 3:31-35)

There are many titles given to people everyday, yet only a select few are EARNED. one to which is the title of ‘mother‘. The term mother as it is referenced in the Word of God means “source of something“; when a person is born into this world, he or she seeks a source of love, care, nurturing, and provision to his or her needs and the mother becomes that source. This is accomplished not just by what is done, but the intentions placed behind each action. When love is the intention behind the action it is then Divinely enhanced, thus establishing a bond that cannot be erased, altered or replaced.

Ruth made a decision to stay with Naomi because of the bond that they established. Even though Ruth had a mother of her own, she was shown something so profound that it made her decide to stay with Naomi until death claimed her. Naomi was her source of love; she earned the title of mother in Ruth’s life.

In the book of Mark, chapter 3, Jesus confirms this truth of earning the title of mother as He states that those who do the Will of The Father are his mother, father, sister, brother, etc… and what is the Will of God? To love one another in deed and truth (1st John 3:18)

To all women, whether you be a birth mother or otherwise who have shown others love through action or sacrifice, know that you are blessed beyond measure; even if your love isn’t acknowledged by the person, know that the Heavenly Father is glorified by it, so continue to be the source of something wonderful And Divinely everlasting in all of our lives.

May the Lord God bless and keep you always.

The Origin of Love

We believe that the love we feel is genuine, especially when we have no real understanding nor CONNECTION to its true ORIGIN (defines as the point or place where something begins). We confuse the feeling that starts out as a chemical reaction as being REAL, only to watch it dissipate and disappear in the light of certain events, or actions of others, or lack of physical contact or visual referencing (out of sight, out of mind).

When we actively feed into our relationship with God, we then experience what TRUE LOVE IS. Love IS God, and God IS love, so it shows itself everlasting and NOT based on the actions of others (i.e. whether they do what we want, what we say, act like we want them to act, or even reciprocate love.) The beauty of Divine or AGAPE love is that it doesn’t require replenishment from man… it is always connected to its eternal ORIGIN.

1st John 4:7-12

Love chemistry- Not to be confused with actual love: the problem, Part One

I like to watch the television show, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ because it will give you a glimpse into the world of scientific theory and practices that are fueled by a desire to know in order to exploit, or control for the sake of arrogantly seeking power; (they try to make it funny, though, and they do).

In one of the episodes, the character Amy Ferra-Fowler describes love as, ‘a mixture of chemicals in the brain that are then described as love’. When I FIRST heard this, I was taken back a bit because of my spiritual understanding of what love is through trial and error, coupled with Divine guidance and was ABOUT to call what she said a futile attempt to further debunk the existence of The Father, THUS debunking the true existence of love, until I further realized that the statement was VERY CORRECT. Let’s get to it…

As I further researched this phenomenon, I came across articles that explained the process that the brain goes through in order to simulate what we deem as love at the time of encounter. There are three known chemicals that are created by the brain that process what we feel when we ‘feel love’; they are,

  • Noradrenaline
  • Dopamine
  • Phenylethylamine

Noradrenaline is a chemical that is produced by the brain that aids in the production of adrenaline. This is what gets the heart racing, blood pumping and such, especially in the first positive encounters, or in essence, can be the culprit of the term, ‘love at first site’; one of the most deceptive feelings that almost all of us have experienced.

Dopamine is the chemical that makes us feel ‘good’ about the situation, usually fueled by the desire to be with the person because of the time spent with the person, the positive feeling of connection or common interests, intimacy, etc….

Phenylethylamine is the chemical that allows the other two chemicals to be released into the body, which in turn, provides that drunk feeling of overwhelming love for the person in question, especially when the feeling are relatively new and exciting. This is where we would start to ‘fall in love’ so to speak.

Those who are science majors, especially in the realm of neural sciences know that this was a short summation of the three elements used to characterize what love is in its physical form. These three chemicals that are naturally produced by the brain and then distributed throughout the body only SIMULATE feelings of love and do NOT create love in its truth because they are ultimately nothing but chemicals.

The essence of love is not something that any person can provide to another WITHOUT a source. To me, this is why love is limited, undervalued and ultimately un-achievable because it is based on a chemical reaction that, once dissipated, becomes a passing illusion to the one who produced it towards another. It is why the longer someone is out of sight, they are out of mind; it is why these chemicals are frequently based on something physical or outside of ourselves and never passes that point; it is why the average person who did not get what they wanted form a delusional ‘love relationship‘ shuns the feeling because it was only that… a feeling, and was confused as something genuine. This is why so many people have taken their own lives when someone they produced massive amounts of chemicals for taints the mixture with pain and betrayal, thus causing the person to seek a permanent undo-able solution to a seemingly devastating situation that is nothing but the mind having NO POINT OF RELIEF from all the waste built up from the ‘feeling’.

‘Love don’t live here anymore’… it never did.

So where do we tap into love… true love… unending love… unconditional love? I’m glad you asked for in part two, we seek the source of love.