The betterment of ones self…

I read a post that stated that ‘working on yourself is the hardest part of life’. 

This statement is very true to me. The reason why is because at a time, I didn’t have the tools nor the resources to effectively work on myself, yet I tried to borrow them from areas and situations in my life that did not fit because they were too big or too small or attempting to add complicated pieces to my life that eventually failed. 

That’s when I finally realized that Spirit had all that I needed. The pieces fit perfectly and grew with me as I grew. They weren’t extravagant nor flashy because they weren’t supposed to be. They were only supposed to work with and for me. 

Those of you who are ‘working on yourselves ‘ may need to check your tools and material for defects and incompatibilities because without God, you’re labor will ultimately be in vain.


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