The problem solving processes. Tried them both!

A time for review…

BluNote Ministries

I thought that I would visit the process of solving a problem WITH and WITHOUTGod. I will be using my own experience as a control for both. Feel free to add or take away for your own steps.

Solving a problem WITHOUTGod

  1. Encounter the problem.
  2. Act like it doesn’t exist, at first…
  3. Let the problem increase in size and/or severity.
  4. Finally face the problem; at this point it may or may not be out of control.
  5. Worry about it…
  6. Worry about it…
  7. Worry about it…
  8. Worry about it!!! Problem increasing…
  9. Start thinking of how to resolve it. Problem still increasing…
  10. Try a solution… working, maybe.
  11. Find that problem has mutated and out of your control (usually is at this point). Repeat steps five through ten. (Unsolved loop created).

Like I said, maybe you implemented more steps above. Don’t feel bad… I have too, just…

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