Am I just another pretty face? Auto-tune artists and there negative impact on the vocal arts.

One of the issues that I have seen lately in the music industry is a flood of un-talented artist being promoted and presented to the masses using electronic augmentation in order to imply that these men and women are actually singers in their own right. The abuse the ‘Auto Tunes’ technology has become, to me, a great problem that is getting worse as the need for the physical image grows as well as the lack of any vocal ability to speak of other than the ability to talk.

People are becoming more de-sensitized to the fake singing phenomenon and see only the so-called ‘sex appeal’ of the artist. They follow only the flash and glamour, the fast movement and theater presence yet these imposters dare to call themselves ‘singers’, or ‘vocalists’. It may be said that the person never said that they were vocalists, yet they present themselves as vocalists each time they grab a microphone and lip sync behind a robotic, mechanically processed voice. There are so many of these imposters lurking in the shadows and for some reason are seen as ‘stars’???? Now, I do not blame the auto tunes technology no more than I would fault the inventor, yet this is about how the music industry has perverted the whole vocal ecosystem by using a tech that was only meant to tweak a vocalists pitch to the forefront of what is known as artistic development.

The majority of those that exclusively use Auto-Tunes as a means to produce vocals on a track are nothing but pretty faces used to mask a complete lack of real talent. Even those artists who have actual vocal ability are using the tech to cut corners when it comes to a quality vocal product just to save time getting their projects out to the masses. An what’s worse, is that these same artists justify this practice as to say that those of us who work hard to perfect our craft have wasted time doing so! Why should we embrace the vocal passions when we can just let a computer do the work for us?

Here’s a scenario: a man gets off of work one day during a rainstorm at night. He is a bit tired, but not too tired to drive and since he has taken this route countless times, he feels no pressure to increase his safety. Suddenly, he is in a bad accident and ends up in the hospital awaiting surgery. The doctor comes into his room and then begins to explain the procedure. The doctor says, “we will perform the procedure within a day or so, and I am happy to tell you that we will be using a breakthrough device called ‘Auto-Surgeon. This device was designed to allow real doctors to tweak and improve their medical practice, but in order to save money, we have decided to allow one of the orderlies to perform the procedure. He has no real medical experience, but he does wear scrubs and a white doctors coat everyday. He looks souch like a doctor and the Auto-Surgeon will do most of the work, so we trust that he will do a fine job on you. Yes, your life will be in his hands, but he will have the Auto-Surgeon there; no real skill or practice, just a device that we feel will do the job without actually putting any real study or practice behind it. The question is: would you allow it to work on you? Would you allow someone who has no real experience inside your body using a device designed for practicing medical procedures?

It seems that if all it takes is a microphone and auto-tunes, then we might as well put a mike in front of a parrot or let a chimp scream and just adjust it to sound like an actual song; that’s what people are paying real money for nowadays anyway.