My viewpoint of ‘US Justice’

The United States Justice System is like anti-virus software. When the antivirus initiative began, it was clunky, passive and focused on what was deemed ‘malicious code’. It waited for a threat to begin its assault and then quarantined the threat or eradicated it altogether. At first, it let many more sophisticated threats pass through because it was not fully matured.

As it grew and became more sophisticated, it began to work proactively and began to seek out anything that RESEMBLED what it deemed ‘malicious code’ and begin a preemptive strike against it, even though it was not a threat, but fit the description of something that was threatening (I.e. Racial profiling).

Now, after years of tweaking, it has grown into a security juggernaut that only allows what falls in the realm of safe, trusting, and designed like itself applications to actually properly function within the system… Everything else is a threat and will be sought out and eliminated.