Trusting God in the coming storm- From the Faith and Trust Series

Referencing Mark 14:32-38

Many of us, before we leave our homes or businesses take a moment to check the weather, whether it be on television, or on our smart devices. This gives us an opportunity to predict and adapt to the coming changes and some sort of CONTROL on how the weather will affect our daily lives. It helps us to decide on what we wear, when we are to leave, how we get to our destination, how long we stay, etc….

Even in the emotional, mental and spiritual storms we may face, we sometimes have the ability to predict and adapt to the coming issue. We come together in supporting environments, and those of us who labor in God, will pray throughout the circumstance for the way to CONTROL the outcome or we pray for God to change the outcome to our FAVOR for our lives and in the lives of those we love. But what happens when the storm comes, and what you do, say or pray doesn’t change it? When the storm is raging towards you and you have nowhere to run or hide? When you come to God for an answer and the answer is NOT in your favor, and only shows suffering, sorrow and pain ahead? All God says is, can you TRUST Me?

Jesus faced this dilemma throughout His journey. He even warned His disciples on many occasions that a STORM IS COMING, and nothing I do here will stop it. Even though they did not understand, it did nothing to lessen the inevitable. In the passage, Jesus went to a place called Gethsemane, a small garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives to pray. At this point Christ made it clear to the disciples with Him that he was afraid (Note: FEAR is a voracious consumer of trust), because He saw the storm coming towards Him, and it was unlike any storm ever faced by an individual. He cold not change it, hid from it, nor even expect God to change it. In his despair, He prayed for change… His trust thus wavering, He knew that God had the ability to change it, yet God’s WILL to change the situation was where the problem lied.

Many people face this type of storm each day, where money, expertise, fame, notoriety, status nor title makes a difference to the issue at hand… and all we can do is brace for it but that does not stop us from trying to change it to our benefit. Christ asked God for the cup of this suffering in the horizon to be taken from Him.

Like us, He faced God and the question was asked of Him, can you trust Me? You are about to go through something devastating to the point of death… there is no way around it. There is no way to change it. It MUST happen… can you trust God in this? Even though your prayers are being answered and the answer brings more sorrow and NO relief? Can you trust God when you have to face this chaos even though you did NOTHING TO PROVOKE IT? Can you trust God when your back is against the wall and the beast is about to strike your health, your loved ones, finances, career, shelter, freedom, or your very life hangs in the balance… can you trust God? Unlike Christ, however, our answer, based on the LACK of trust due to FEAR AND DOUBT is a resounding, no.

The flesh that was Christ cried out for mercy… the God that was Christ brought that flesh back under subjection with one word… NEVERTHELESS. In spite of what I want, what is coming, how it will hit me, how far into the abyss it will take me, how it will affect my children, mother, father, brothers sisters, friends, church, job, living situation, health, freedom, or even my very life, not MY will God, but YOURS. This is why the quantity of trust that we have in God MUST BE ALL, because as we live and breathe, IT WILL BE CHALLENGED TO ITS LIMITS AND BEYOND. (Proverbs 3:5-6) 

In conclusion, even when we don’t understand, nor feel we deserve the storm, we must trust that God will be with us THROUGH IT. No matrer what it brings, or how long it lasts, keep your eyes on God, period.


The perils of rejoicing in the pain of others

Many people in this age delight in violence, especially when it is focused on others; strangers and those involved in their lives are both subject to the watching, mocking and instigation of pain and suffering of those around them. Social media has tagged on to this foolishness in a great way be making it easier and easier to share videos of violent acts from all types of individuals for the sake of a laugh, and ‘like’. What amazes me about this is that those who do this are just as likely to have it done unto them, yet they show no care of this fact… until it happens to them. then they want to yell FOUL, or talk of INJUSTICE. The hypocrisy is steadily growing among the people of God and yet the enemy continues to capitalize off of our ignorance.

I encourage all that read to boycott this because it is nothing but fuel for the enemy’s ultimate goal.

Referencing Obadiah 1:11-15.

The beloved enemy

To betray someone, that is, to hurt someone by not giving help or doing something morally wrong, has levels of intensity depending on the amount of love, trust, and commitment invested into the relationship.

As the Word of God explains, when an enemy shows deception, it is EXPECTED. That level of betrayal is hardly felt and the emotional strain from it can be avoided altogether BECAUSE of the expectation. However, when the enemy is loved by you, trusted by you, and you are committed to this person for WHATEVER reason, and have fully invested time and resources into this person and they betray…. the results can be devastating. How do you recover? How do you get through? How do you find forgiveness? So much has been burned and since trust is a VERY DIFFICULT THING TO REBUILD, this can become an aftershock that can last a lifetime.

Now how does this relate to us and our relationship with God? Many of us have this delusion that God can be walked away from AT WILL, vows can be un-kept (that was me), games can be played, we can get tired of God and try the enemy for awhile and leave God as an afterthought, we can play church until we get what we THINK WE WANT and then just ‘dip out’; not just ONCE, but OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN… we reproach God and expect that it has NO effect. Unfortunately… it DOES.

Ask yourself, how would you feel if someone you LOVE, CHERISH, AND HAVE SACRIFICED FOR did that to you? Would you be okay with it? Would you brush it off? Would you continue to show them forgiveness and understanding and love as God has for us in our continued betrayals? Is this FAIR to God? And would God be justified in turning God’s back on us when we reproach God? I wonder…

Referencing- Psalms 55:11-14

Yet I still stand

Standing through the storms of life.

Standing through the storms of life.

This picture was taken at the family reunion on my family’s land.
This building has been broken, twisted, beaten by nature and time, YET it still stands.
This building has been overlooked, neglected, and condemned, YET it still stands.
This building would be looked at as an eyesore, useless because it is not like the others, or in need of tearing down to make way for what people would deem ‘acceptable’, YET it still stands.
It has stood when many others have fallen, it has stood even though at times it wanted to fall, and has stood to represent that in spite of its look or stigma, it was MADE to STAND because it sits on a strong foundation.
This building represents ME; I stand because I rest upon God’s grace, mercy and love….
What do you stand on?

Taking it up a notch- The Enemy’s revised strategies


The eventual mind state of the world…

I always try to keep up with the news and watch as God’s people tear each other apart, and what’s WORSE is when man thinks he can control it through laws. Take a moment, beloved readers, to follow me on this journey.

Let’s look first at man’s laws that are set to subvert the violence of himself. He writes and rewrites statutes and laws that try to further punish his actions and commits to sending himself to prison or commits himself to death when violence happens within his home, yet he fails to squelch any of his violent nature or actions alone.

The United States, for example, is greatly notorious for trying to set some sort of twisted example to the world of its ‘zero tolerance’ to crime, yet is riddled with crime that rivals some third world countries. The system that is in place has no clue of the reasoning behind the progression of horror, yet still thinks that it can reduce it with legislation… good luck with that. I see nothing but a change in strategy.

Here is my theory… the Enemy has began to change the game in this country in particular by not only increasing the violence, but also eliminating the ability for the ‘laws’ to be activated. People are not just killing others and getting caught… now they are taking out their victims AND themselves. How can the ‘tougher laws’ that are being written by man do ANYTHING with that? What court can prosecute it; what prison can hold it?

The Enemy was NEVER and will NEVER be bound by any law that man can think up, period, yet they still continue to try… politicians working countless hours to fight something that they have no IDEA of and can NEVER understand on their own. They turned away from God and turned towards the distorted mirror to see a reflection of fear, confusion, anger and ultimately, destruction. This is the way of those that push towards the mark of failure.

The book of Ephesians, Chapter six, verse twelve declares that ‘we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places’. The Enemy’s ultimate goal is to undue all that God has done, and what better way to do this than to create a high and constant level of mistrust and doubt of God and the Word of God. We are in critical times and the need to seek God is STILL PARAMOUNT.

We alone as a people have no chance, but with God, the impossible IS IMPOSSIBLE.

God bless.

(Proverbs ch.14:v.12, Ephesians ch.6:v.12-*, Matthew ch.19:v.26)

Twelve days to glory- Summation


To live is Christ…

To my beloved readers: some of you may see what I have written about my journey with my mother as an exegesis of grief regarding the sorrow of loss. That is only a small part of the purpose behind the blog entries. I also know that many may not be able to read what I have written because of the pain it may bring back to your own remembrance if you lost a mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, child, or anyone that was dearest to your heart and life. To that, I do understand, because what this writing experience brought forth has not been felt for many years.

It took me time to force a lot of what unearthed while writing this to the recesses of my mind… the uncontrolled weeping, feeling of failure, wanting to end the pain by ending my life, the lowliness… all of it, yet I wrote it to signify the greatness of God and to advise those who read this to focus love FIRST on God.

We tend to think that it is admirable to focus intense and full-on love upon our relatives or those who we add to our lives FIRST, then; maybe, love God with what’s left. We say we love that person, ‘more than ourselves’ or ‘more than anything’, unknowing that we set ourselves up for the level of pain that has taken the lives of so many in our past.

We use this ‘love‘ to manage our relationships with each other, or control the lives of others because we EXPECT satisfaction for all the ‘love‘ we invest into that person, only to be rewarded with disappointment and a deep inner loss when it is not reciprocated, or the person leaves us to join the countless others that have entered the grave.

We twist the ‘love‘ concept to the point of madness and then blame ‘love‘ for our failings or shortcomings or true lack of understanding of what ‘love‘ is and its source. These are the things that I have done with my momma.

My love for my momma was real to me, yet empty because I never truly tapped into the source of ‘love‘. I followed suit behind so many in the world, and relied upon her to teach me about love, and to love me even though I didn’t. I placed the burden of my inner responsibilities and created my own hell from it all which tried to collect at the time of her passing. I was so overwhelmed with regret, self-loathing, and failure because I was not prepared to love ME that I saw the only way out was death. It took the loss of everything I held dear to realize that I had never held on to anything at all… I expected others to hold ME and I just skate along for the ride.

I never took the time to seek ‘love‘. Not too many people ever do. We think that if we utter the word that we are inherently knowledgeable of the power of it or the source of it, yet we go through live just ‘loving‘ without form nor purpose. It is like being thirsty with nothing but an empty cup that we try to fill with the spit from our mouths, even though there is a pitcher FULL OF WATER sitting right in front of us.

So what am I getting at? Love is right there; it is God and God alone. In order to establish a love that will never end, never die, never fail, never leave, never betray, never try to manipulate, nor never become misguided or misdirected, it MUST begin between God and you. Once established, then it can be shared with others with a sense of confidence that it is genuine and unable to be thwarted by the words and/or actions of others. The Enemy nor death can shake it. It allows healing from loss and tragedy to be achieved through prayer. The Word of God tells us to FIRST love God with all our heart soul and might… THEN share this with the rest of the world, not the other way around.

I conclude this series with this: love from God, with God, through God and by God. Look to His essence of love to find your way, and when tragedy comes, the love you have will not die for those you love through God. The pain will come yet no scars will form; the loss of their love will be felt, yet the remembrance of the Divine love shared will become the comfort. With God, weeping truly will only endure for the night, but Joy is the reward when the sun shines upon your life.

May God bless you.

(Deuteronomy ch.4:vs. 29, Psalms ch.30:vs.5,  Mark ch.12:vss.30-31)