Doing God’s Will… not God’s job.

A crossThe Will of God is what began existence as we know it. It is what brought forth the universe, time and life in all aspects and forms, yet understanding God’s will is a lifelong process that spans this life we live, the next life and the next. We are bound by it, and it is what keeps us safe, and what can place us in grievous peril. It can tear us down one moment, and build us up in the next. The Will of God is a source of God’s omnipotence. It is pure, balanced and fair, even when we are convinced of its bias. It is what instructs us to perform acts of charity, kindness and is what ministry is ultimately rooted within.

It is our duty and a privilege to do the the Will of God, when chosen as declared by Christ in the book of Matthew chapter 22, verse 14, yet as we have evolved into a species that wants MORE than just to do the Will of God, we seek to perform the assignments and take on the responsibilities that is only God’s to do. We not only want to plant the seed, but also water and provide it’s increase in others lives. We arrogantly seek out the praise and worship of those who we feel are beneath us, and we do this in a few ways: using an ecclesiastical hierarchy (most common), and retained knowledge (most abused).

In the area of ecclesiastical hierarchy, the churches have created an elaborate chain of command in order to establish a set of order, yet from this so-called order can spawn chaos. When a person is placed in the higher position, that can and does give room for the Enemy to massage the ego and convince the person of the illusion of power that position truly holds. They feel that their status takes them beyond the Will of God and pushes them into a delusional equality with God, thus giving them the right to now perform as God would perform in someone’s life. Now, they expect people to come to them FIRST, before seeking God for the answer. They expect to be reverenced for what they have said or done when in fact, God can instruct the homeless man on the street to say the same truth. They are lead to think, and this is usually by the Enemy’s influence on the tongues of others, that  God can not do this WITHOUT them. It seems extreme, yet this is not some conspiracy theory… this does happen… too much!

Retained knowledge of scripture is a good thing… it gives you a sense of balance and clarity in dire situations in ones life. In the Old Testament, David states that the Word was hidden within his heart, so that he may not sin against God(Psalm ch. 119, vs. 11). God’s Word was designed as a personal and share-able tool for all of us, yet many people have a more sinister INTENTION (I CAPS this word because of its great significance which I will discuss later). The illusion of grandeur spreads like a plague when people take memorization of the Word of God and try to use it to manipulate others through it. So you wont think that I am excluding myself from this, I am guilty of this as well, that’s why I write about it. We confuse scripture with a sort of weapon that is designed to condemn, control, and confuse people into doing what WE want them to do. We set ourselves out of the circle of responsibility, usually because we are influenced to believe that going to a church, being a member or being a part of the local hierarchy (see previous paragraph), and allowing people to believe the illusion that we are further along in God than we truly are (see Galatians Ch.6 vs.3) gives us the right to perform the tasks of Spirit when we feel the needs arises for it, thus our INTENTIONS change the game.

So what changes us from doing the Will of God to trying to do the JOB of God. In a word, intention. The courts of the people use the term MOTIVE. What motivates us to try and step on God’s toes, so to speak? When we strive to rank up in our local churches, or memorize every verse in our Divine doctrine (I say this because this is not focused on JUST Christians, even though I referenced The Holy Bible) what is our true intention? Is it to help others to seek enlightenment, or is it to force people into a shadow of spiritual servitude? All I can say is that, with God, nothing is hidden (Jeremiah ch.23 vs. 23-24).

The ego is what the Enemy feeds and we then intake the flavored poison that in time, causes a great separation from Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God is sufficient in itself to provide all the needs of everyone at anytime, yet to do the Will of God is not just to help others, but to help ourselves. It is a fulfillment that can not be equaled, yet our intentions with a overly stimulated ego, can cause confusion and separation to fall on not only the people being affected but also the person causing the issue in the first place.

God doesn’t need our help… we need His.