I took my first selfie- The final.

Many will not get this. We do not always see issue with the things the world loves, accepts, or worships especially something this seemingly insignificant. I have seen a rapid increase on social networks regarding the ‘selfie phenomenon’ and when the world starts to love a thing, it is usually a fatal distraction derived by the enemy.

The enemy has found a sure fire way to feed the egos of the people, and since our arrogance is one of our GREATEST spiritual weaknesses, we have succumb to this. Even the churches have been blinded to this because it was subtle, and fun when introduced. Even those engaged in the practice of global terrorism are selfie addicts. It may seem like a crazy conspiracy, yet take a moment to look at it more closely. You may be surprised…

(Isaiah 44:9)

Thought of the Day- One of my favorite topics


Time to think!

Back in the 80’s, the Reagan administration started a campaign that was designed to resolve the injection of illegal narcotics into the minority communities; they called it ‘The War on Drugs’.

While this was a great effort to resolve an ever-growing problem, it was only a band-aid to the ORIGIN of the issue. You see, it was not the drugs that caused so much death and destruction in the community… it was the DESIRE FOR POWER. The drugs were a catalyst to the true source; the IF, AND IF, THEN scenario that IF you sell drugs, AND IF you get money from selling drugs, THEN you will have the POWER you seek.

Of course, this illusion of POWER is what also caused then, AND NOW, the relentless bloodshed that plagues the minority community to this day, yet no one is trying to get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, so to speak, because man STILL FOOLISHLY BELIEVES that solving the END RESULT of a thing will solve the WHOLE thing.

Ask yourself this: do you think that a person who kills another person does it for the sole sake of taking a life? Remember, that taking something from someone else, especially by force, brings a sense of POWER to the taker… the more valuable (i.e. someone’s LIFE), the more POWER they feel. (The movie ‘Highlander’ depicts this very well).

As we seek power… Part one.

It has been a while since I have written here, and I know that that is NOT because of a lack of Divine inspiration, or topics (there have been many many topics). As I have continued my journey, life brought changes I my life which began to take more of my time, yet God never stopped presenting me with example and information that is still necessary to share with you and the world.

One to which is the primary topic of this writing for I started to meditate on why I even do this blog thing. Did I start this because I truly wanted to share with the people of God the interpretations of what God has shared with me in an effort to bring people closer to God through this ministry that I am ONLY an instrument of? Or, was it because I wanted to passively gain POWER over those who read and lovingly manipulate the minds and thinking of the people through an illusion of knowledge and insightful worlds and phrases? Yes, I do check myself like that.

I will answer that question later… For now, let us discuss the term, POWER. In the light of the events that have befallen this nation and the countries abroad, we see that the struggle for power is on a great upswing. Racial tensions, the slew of injustices and taking of lives have all contributed to the desire for power over our thoughts and actions. Now here’s where it gets disturbing; EVERYTHING that man has done up to THIS point in history has been for the desire of POWER… There hasn’t been one thing that man as a whole has been involved in that wasn’t intended to gain POWER, and yet the struggle continues because it is still elusive to us. From the time of Adam, when Eve was tempted in the garden, the enemy played upon this desire for it saw it in them and KNEW it was the easiest way to place us upon the path to destruction (Genesis ch.3:vs.1-5).

This lust for POWER is something that begins at a young age; when a child has a toy or something of conceived ‘value‘ and another child comes along and wants to share in its wonder or beauty, the one who holds it may become selfish, keeping the toy out of the other child’s reach. Now when the child begins to cry, or show any form of emotion as a result of this, the child CONTROLLING (key to this) the situation will either do one of two things: show compassion because of the pain that it has brought forth and thus share the toy, OR taste the POWER that it thinks it has over the other child and seek more. This behavior is thus learned from a young age and carried throughout adulthood for ALL OF US.

The desire for POWER has spawned many children which are confused as being singular factors in man’s plight and will be broken down in detail in later posts, yet what I will do is list a few symptoms that have spawned from this beast that we ALL at one time or another have allowed to take a bite from us, or even devoured our whole existence:

  • Entertainment
  • Industrialism
  • Racism (A review)
  • Religion (From the avid bible shaker, to the unyielding atheist)
  • Technology

Stay tuned….

My epiphany of racism

As the nation is again faced with an issue that involves death, and trust betrayed, so many have taken to the streets with the cries of ‘racism’ in connection to the tragedies that have befallen so many families who have lost loved ones due to the actions of those entrusted to ‘serve and protect’.

I began to ask, what is racism; what is it really? Is the root of it based on hatred of another because of race, gender, sexual preference, religious practices, etc…? Or, is it something else that has been overlooked because of the emotional distresses that come from the latter?
The more I delve into the subject, the more I see that racism is primarily about power. Power is something that has fueled the desire of man since the beginning of mans existence; the quest for it, however has been futile, yet it has never lost its ability to control the actions of mankind.
Even in the time of Adam, the desire for power is what drove Eve to eat of the fruit. It is what drove Cain to kill Abel, it is what kept the children of Israel in bondage, it is what sparked every war, betrayal, level of suffering and pain that man has devised and endured for generations, and to this day, it is what has spawned the illusion and delusion that skin color, nationality, financial status, sexual preference, spiritual following and any other difference is a sign of weakness and an excuse to hate one another.
So, to me, racism is the desire to obtain power over everyone and everything and what we THINK is racism is nothing but the methods used to obtain it. In the struggle of black vs. white within the United States, for example, the black or African American culture has been systematically weakened through mental manipulation that focused on the teaching of inner separation and self-loathing which extended to a lack of self respect and love for not only themselves but anyone that ‘looked’ like them.
This was a lifelong process which today has evolved into social, economic, mental, cultural, and spiritual/religious poverty, yet the desire for power still resides. This bleeds into the self destructive practices of drug dealing, physical, emotional, social and sexual assaults, and inner cultural homicides which, in turn, show a de-valuation of the culture as a whole. In any and every form of activity that involves an increase of finance, stature or a possibility to obtain power, the culture is again reminded of its weakness through domestic economic sanctions, an influx of narcotic and weaponized influences in the homes and schools, sub-par educational methodologies aimed at providing information to our youth that will result in further ignorance, tactical blockages from managerial and executive advancements within the workforce, etc….
Racism renders ALL OF US socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually impotent; it blinds us to the any form of equality and completely controls all areas of life as we interpret it. Ironically, the weakness that we attempt to exploit in others to gain power is the same weakness that plagues us and since we accept weakness within ourselves, racism will always be the power tool that breaks our spirits as a whole.

Time to take a nap

I’ve read how some people are tired of this whole ‘Ferguson killing’ thing being about race or they’re ‘tired’ of the whole ‘race thing’ because they buy into the delusion that somehow racism is gone because Obama was elected president. To those who are mentally fatigued I ask, do they think we who are a part of the black culture aren’t tired too?

Do they think watching the unwarranted killing of our children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and loved ones is fun? Do they think that we WANT to have another thing to deal with… Like being in a fixed fight every day of our lives isn’t enough?

Do they think that we as parents who have young black men and women to raise WANT to concern ourselves with the possibility that it may be our son or our daughter lying dead in a pool of blood next time because of a so called ‘accident‘ or ‘mistaken identity‘, ‘weapon miraculously appeared‘ or because someone ‘feared for their life‘ or any other lame excuse to be used to get away with murder?

Do they think the black foolists out there who consistently embarrass our culture on a DAILY basis and bring hatred to our door is exciting?

Do they TRULY think this is all fun and games to us? Do they think we don’t WANT EQUALITY, JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS IN THIS LAND THAT HEMORRHAGES HYPOCRISY, DECEPTION, MALEVOLENCE AND A BLATANT DEVALUATION OF A CULTURE?? Next time you tired, take a nap.

Dangerous misconceptions- The enemy is predictable


The enemy is NOT this easy to see.

We think that, unlike God, the enemy’s movements are decipherable. That the enemy has a set of rules that MUST be followed and abide by, and that gives us the advantage that we need to ‘defeat’ the enemy. We can take the enemy for granted, believing that the evil of this world is man’s and man’s alone; we are duped into this level of thinking to distract us from the strings tied to our minds. Many are willing participants in the war against God’s Will and this war has waged since the beginning. All that has changed are the resources used. We have given the enemy much ammunition to use against us because of the lust for power that we can never have past our illusions. When we THINK we have the pattern, the pattern dramatically changes.


The problem is our desire to handle something that we can NEVER grasp. We write laws and statutes that are ONLY limited to punishing the tool, not the wielder. We teach about the physical, the psychological, and the emotional, yet deem the spiritual far-fetched or ILLUSIONAL because of the LACK of the ability to CONTROL it. The tangible is what we think is the ONLY real, so the enemy is seen as some concept that is used by religious fanatics to explain off or even excuse the actions of man, yet they are the paths to the truth that is not something that the flesh was ever to understand. that is why the physical mind is so easily tempted, misdirected, confused, manipulated, influenced, cross-signaled, and controlled. Once the mind is taken, the body will follow, so we sit in the midst of our own destruction, while we blame each other for the inability to see past the fallacies placed before us.

The truth is, we can only expect the UN-expected in this war.

The ministry of ‘Smaug’: Spiritual Desolation

smaug2The increase in the assault against the Catholic church has been consistent for some years now. Those that have came forward claiming sexual abuse from priests within the church has caused a great disunity, division and other forms of conflict in this nation, especially. This is not isolated to the Catholic church, yet the focus on it shadows the indiscretions of other religious transgressions; rest assured, the plague of ministry stigmas are everywhere, even though the media would make it look otherwise.

This blog is not focused in any way on bashing Catholicism or any religious faith; that is a unnecessary, unproductive and shows a lack of real understanding of the actual issue. This post is tied to the men and women that are being influenced by the Enemy and thereby becoming key components in the overall mission to undo all that God has done. Remember, beloved readers; there is a much larger agenda being played out and its almost ALWAYS OVERLOOKED. Why, because the enemy knows that we as people rarely EVER look past the surface, and this flaw is what has been used to further our destruction. Okay, let’s get to it.

So what does a fictional dragon have to do with anything I am talking about? Glad you asked…

Let’s begin with The Word of God first; always the BEST place to start. In the New Testament, the book of Ephesians starting at chapter 6, verse 10 states, “10-Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. 11-Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12-For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13-Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 14- Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; 15- And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16- Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. 17- And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: 18- Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit (this is especially for those prayed up buzzword believers… no such thing), and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;”

Okay, in the book ‘The Hobbit’, Smaug was a character that was depicted to be invincible, not because of his teeth, nor his ability to fly, or spit flames from his mouth or anything like that, BUT because of his skin, which was considered IMPENETRABLE. It was his natural armor against anything that man could throw at him, BUT in his ROUSING ARROGANCE he did not see his vulnerability, which was a small hole within the armor that was a direct shot to his heart which ultimately led to his death.

Men and women who decide to become servants to God through ministry, as the Word of God depicts MUST protect themselves with the armor of God at all times, from head to toe, seeking strength through the Word, and through consistent prayer, be able to REPAIR ANY DAMAGE THAT OCCURS WHEN THE ENEMY ATTACKS. Here’s the big issue, like Smaug, many that have positions within the churches believe that they are impenetrable; they believe that their MAN-GIVEN titles, their memorization of scripture, the undeserved perks, the delusions of grandeurs, etc… are enough to thwart the enemy, yet these issues create holes within their armor, if they’re even WEARING ANY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

The enemy rides the backs of many that enter the church, but the real victory is when those that are considered to be men and women of God are used to infiltrate and reek havoc in the ministry, thereby causing doubt, confusion, and eventually a lack of faith and belief in God because of it. The arrows of sexual indiscretions in the forms of infidelity, abuse and assault that has gone on for years from lack of SPIRITUAL protection and/or an egoistic belief that it is not needed cause ‘I am a priest, evangelist, minister, deacon, missionary, pastor, cleric, choir director, praise leader, church mother, usher, bishop, cardinal, monk, apostle, overseer, or pope’. We that are placed in positions to be spiritual soldiers are not supposed to be the PROBLEM.

So how do we resolve this epidemic that has gained great momentum in its goal to destroy the ministry from within? First, the Word of God tells us to ‘be strong IN THE LORD…’ (Ephesians 6:10a). Having the understanding that I, YOU, WE ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH THE ENEMY ALONE, is a necessary reality check. The enemy is been doing this well before us and will continue to do this long after us. It has eons of practice, and we have only seen a small, small fraction of the tactics used, yet we can no longer ‘bring a DULL knife to the gun fight, expecting to make something happen’.

Next, we must REALIZE THAT THIS WAR IS BEYOND THE FLESH, (Ephesians 6:12). No amount of man laws, statutes, etc… will EVER stop the enemy from its goal. For example, it used to be that when someone kills someone, usually he or she is apprehended, thus allowing the laws to inflict its form of ‘justice’… now the murder-suicide rate has increased exponentially… what can man’s law do to the dead? We are left with no form of justice… just pain, sorrow, and the fragile faith of God’s people is all but non-existence. The era of the non-believers have increased and many more follow in its wake.

Next, we must protect ourselves with all that God has provided to withstand the war that is and is to come (Ephesians 6:11, 13-17). Each piece has a purpose; each piece is designed to keep us safe in times of tragedy, confusion, hatred, fear, depression, oppression, temptation, and any other assault that can inflict physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage. We have to leave the arrogance at the door, believing that what we do without God makes a difference when it comes to our salvation (Where YOU are, God is NOT).

Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANT, we MUST USE PRAYER AT ALL TIMES TO REPAIR THE CRACKS AND KINKS THAT OCCUR WITH EACH AND EVERY ASSAULT (Ephesians 6:18). Prayer creates and builds YOUR REALTIONSHIP WITH GOD. It is not just a one-sided conversation, but a opportunity to open dialog with Spirit. In spite of what we have been misled to believe, THE TITLE DOESN’T ENSURE THAT THE PRAYER WILL BE HEARD AND/OR ANSWERED QUICKER! This delusion REALLY needs to be eliminated. There are many scriptures that tell us to pray and even HOW to pray, but I have YET to read one that says that this title or that title has precedence. Your prayer has JUST AS MUCH POWER AS THE PASTOR, BISHOP, PRAYER WARRIOR, APOSTLE,  WHOMEVER… in many cases, even more so, especially when your FAITH and SINCERITY is a prime factor.

I will leave it here; the Smaug in us must be vanquished. May God bless and keep you.

(Ephesians ch.6:vs.10-18)

The ‘Real N***a Movement’ strikes again!

Some time ago, I wrote on the aspects of the ‘real nigga’ as it concerns those males, both young and old, who create havoc in the community and leave many cultures weakened in the quest for equality. The interesting thing about those who take the label as a ‘real nigga’ are not actually bound to a specific race: oh no… ‘real niggas’ span the cosmos and are almost a race of their own because ANYONE CAN BE A REAL NIGGA (OR REAL BITCH, IF FEMALE). Let us turn to our first recent examples:

1. Christopher Lanes tragic encounter with the ‘real nigga’

christopher Lanes killers

Three ‘real niggas’ who brought nothing but heartache, pain and shame to the nation.

These three ‘real niggas’ who range in age from fifteen through seventeen took it upon themselves to satisfy a yearning for action in the summer time by doing something that they THOUGHT was ‘fun’; they got in a car, drove behind an innocent man, who was jogging and minding his own business, and shot him in the back… because they were acting on a need to curb their boredom. After some time, they bragged about it on Facebook, and subsequently were arrested and now face life imprisonment or even death.

2. WWII Vet Delbert Velton: fought for our country, only to be tragically introduced to the ‘real nigga’:

A real nigga who robbed and beat an 88 year old man for some pocket change. One of two.

A real nigga who robbed and beat an 88-year old man to death.

ANother real nigga who beat an 88-year old man to death.

Another real nigga who was involved in the 88-year old man being beaten to death.

Now these two ‘real niggas’ decided that they wanted to get some money, and targeted a man who was no match for them, physically. They stalked, robbed and beat this man to death for nothing more than pocket change. Now they both face life in a cage for their actions.

The two more recent examples of the ‘real nigga’ epidemic shows how this real problem can become a real threat to any culture, AND nation. They end up making real foolish decisions or taking real offensive actions that send a real destructive ripple throughout the community and thus takes a real toll on those who are trying real hard to change the real opinions of others that this race of real human beings are not JUST real violent, real lazy, and simply a REAL WASTE OF TIME AND RESOURCES.

In these situations when the ‘real niggas’ are real young, we tend to look close at the parents and the supposed real ‘lack of parenting’; sometimes becoming real judgmental, yet we must also remember that the young mind is the enemy’s real opportunity to cause some real damage, thereby creating a real doubt in the Real God and undoing any real progress that is being made in achieving a real spiritual connection.

The need for REAL prayer, and a increase of REAL faith is REAL, people.

John 3:16- a different perspective.

Did the world ever truly love God?

Did the world ever truly love God?

Vs. The world so love God that it gave God the gifts of

  • Apathy
  • Atheism
  • Barbarism
  • Bestiality
  • Betrayal
  • Calamity
  • Catastrophe
  • Chaos
  • Destructive thinking
  • Disappointment
  • Disaster
  • Distress
  • Evil acts against His children
  • Enemy worship
  • Fornication of the Word
  • Frustration
  • Grief
  • Hardship
  • Hatred of the Christ
  • Hellish affliction
  • Horror
  • Hurt
  • Idolatry
  • Immorality
  • Infidelity
  • Ignorance
  • Injustice
  • Jaundice
  • (un)Justified acts of terror
  • Killing in His name to justify internal hatred
  • Malevolence
  • Malice
  • Masochism
  • Mercilessness
  • Negativity
  • Narrow-mindedness
  • Oppression
  • Opposition
  • Perversion
  • Prejudice
  • Rebellion
  • Reprobation
  • Savagery
  • Sedition
  • Sinfulness
  • Terrorism
  • Treason
  • Unconcern
  • Viciousness
  • Vileness
  • Warmongering
  • Wantonness
  • and, Wickedness

That whosoever believe in Him are subject to ridicule, resentment and retaliation from a world saturated with dysfunction and a determination to eliminate God from what it deems as ‘life’.

Taking it up a notch- The Enemy’s revised strategies


The eventual mind state of the world…

I always try to keep up with the news and watch as God’s people tear each other apart, and what’s WORSE is when man thinks he can control it through laws. Take a moment, beloved readers, to follow me on this journey.

Let’s look first at man’s laws that are set to subvert the violence of himself. He writes and rewrites statutes and laws that try to further punish his actions and commits to sending himself to prison or commits himself to death when violence happens within his home, yet he fails to squelch any of his violent nature or actions alone.

The United States, for example, is greatly notorious for trying to set some sort of twisted example to the world of its ‘zero tolerance’ to crime, yet is riddled with crime that rivals some third world countries. The system that is in place has no clue of the reasoning behind the progression of horror, yet still thinks that it can reduce it with legislation… good luck with that. I see nothing but a change in strategy.

Here is my theory… the Enemy has began to change the game in this country in particular by not only increasing the violence, but also eliminating the ability for the ‘laws’ to be activated. People are not just killing others and getting caught… now they are taking out their victims AND themselves. How can the ‘tougher laws’ that are being written by man do ANYTHING with that? What court can prosecute it; what prison can hold it?

The Enemy was NEVER and will NEVER be bound by any law that man can think up, period, yet they still continue to try… politicians working countless hours to fight something that they have no IDEA of and can NEVER understand on their own. They turned away from God and turned towards the distorted mirror to see a reflection of fear, confusion, anger and ultimately, destruction. This is the way of those that push towards the mark of failure.

The book of Ephesians, Chapter six, verse twelve declares that ‘we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places’. The Enemy’s ultimate goal is to undue all that God has done, and what better way to do this than to create a high and constant level of mistrust and doubt of God and the Word of God. We are in critical times and the need to seek God is STILL PARAMOUNT.

We alone as a people have no chance, but with God, the impossible IS IMPOSSIBLE.

God bless.

(Proverbs ch.14:v.12, Ephesians ch.6:v.12-*, Matthew ch.19:v.26)