How soon we forget

(Referencing 2nd Samuel 12:1-10).

Everyone who is still living has a past, yet sometimes our past has a tendency to come back and haunt us… especially when it comes to the actions of our past. May of us are facing dire situations NOW because of the things we have sown before, and even though we have changed our lives and sought to become better people through the help of Our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ, we still have a harvest that must be atoned for.

David had a man killed because of his lust for the mans wife. He was then reminded of his great transgressions by Nathan the prophet and even though it wasn’t necessarily the deed the David forgot about, but the fact that God was there when the deed was done. David, who had be shown GREAT FAVOR by God throughout his life made a choice to sow great treachery for the lust of a woman which, in turn, cause great calamity which spread through the generations.

Many of us ask why things are happening in our lives, why no one seems to care, or we can’t get ahead, or we can win for losing, yet this could be the harvest from those things that we FORGOT that we had sown.

Why don’t anyone love me? Is it because you didn’t love when you had the chance?
Why wont anyone help me? Is it because you didn’t help when you had the chance?

Galatians 6:7-8 is straight forward and without exception. We must harvest that which we sow and no matter how many churches we have joined, and no matter how many good deeds we think we can do to offset our prior deeds, our harvest is inevitable. What I have learned that even in my atonement, God is still with me and will see me through, as God is with all of us, yet now we have the opportunity to sow those things WORTH remembering, instead of things that we would strive hard to forget.

What is given, can be taken

We must never forget where our lives and all the possessions we take for granted in our lives come from. By the grace of God we are provided for, yet sometimes we can forget and slip into the ‘it was my will and my skill’ way of thinking real quickly, especially when our egos are fed by the world.

Many of us have prayed for things to come into our lives, or change in our lives, and once God provides, we, a first, will thank God for blessing us. As time goes on, and what we asked for starts to benefit us, or increase for the better, we can get caught up in the feeling of accomplishment, especially when the results begin to show to others. In time, if not careful, we have convinced ourselves that we are in control of the outcome and even boast of our magnificence, only to ultimately be stripped of all that we believed to be of our making.

Remember, our lives are gifts, not privileges, and never to be confused with being deserved or earned, thus it is imperative that we keep in the FRONT OF OUR MINDS that it was not OUR will, but God’s.

Referencing Deuteronomy 8:11-20

Thought of the Day- One of my favorite topics


Time to think!

Back in the 80’s, the Reagan administration started a campaign that was designed to resolve the injection of illegal narcotics into the minority communities; they called it ‘The War on Drugs’.

While this was a great effort to resolve an ever-growing problem, it was only a band-aid to the ORIGIN of the issue. You see, it was not the drugs that caused so much death and destruction in the community… it was the DESIRE FOR POWER. The drugs were a catalyst to the true source; the IF, AND IF, THEN scenario that IF you sell drugs, AND IF you get money from selling drugs, THEN you will have the POWER you seek.

Of course, this illusion of POWER is what also caused then, AND NOW, the relentless bloodshed that plagues the minority community to this day, yet no one is trying to get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, so to speak, because man STILL FOOLISHLY BELIEVES that solving the END RESULT of a thing will solve the WHOLE thing.

Ask yourself this: do you think that a person who kills another person does it for the sole sake of taking a life? Remember, that taking something from someone else, especially by force, brings a sense of POWER to the taker… the more valuable (i.e. someone’s LIFE), the more POWER they feel. (The movie ‘Highlander’ depicts this very well).

Love chemistry- Not to be confused with actual love: the problem, Part One

I like to watch the television show, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ because it will give you a glimpse into the world of scientific theory and practices that are fueled by a desire to know in order to exploit, or control for the sake of arrogantly seeking power; (they try to make it funny, though, and they do).

In one of the episodes, the character Amy Ferra-Fowler describes love as, ‘a mixture of chemicals in the brain that are then described as love’. When I FIRST heard this, I was taken back a bit because of my spiritual understanding of what love is through trial and error, coupled with Divine guidance and was ABOUT to call what she said a futile attempt to further debunk the existence of The Father, THUS debunking the true existence of love, until I further realized that the statement was VERY CORRECT. Let’s get to it…

As I further researched this phenomenon, I came across articles that explained the process that the brain goes through in order to simulate what we deem as love at the time of encounter. There are three known chemicals that are created by the brain that process what we feel when we ‘feel love’; they are,

  • Noradrenaline
  • Dopamine
  • Phenylethylamine

Noradrenaline is a chemical that is produced by the brain that aids in the production of adrenaline. This is what gets the heart racing, blood pumping and such, especially in the first positive encounters, or in essence, can be the culprit of the term, ‘love at first site’; one of the most deceptive feelings that almost all of us have experienced.

Dopamine is the chemical that makes us feel ‘good’ about the situation, usually fueled by the desire to be with the person because of the time spent with the person, the positive feeling of connection or common interests, intimacy, etc….

Phenylethylamine is the chemical that allows the other two chemicals to be released into the body, which in turn, provides that drunk feeling of overwhelming love for the person in question, especially when the feeling are relatively new and exciting. This is where we would start to ‘fall in love’ so to speak.

Those who are science majors, especially in the realm of neural sciences know that this was a short summation of the three elements used to characterize what love is in its physical form. These three chemicals that are naturally produced by the brain and then distributed throughout the body only SIMULATE feelings of love and do NOT create love in its truth because they are ultimately nothing but chemicals.

The essence of love is not something that any person can provide to another WITHOUT a source. To me, this is why love is limited, undervalued and ultimately un-achievable because it is based on a chemical reaction that, once dissipated, becomes a passing illusion to the one who produced it towards another. It is why the longer someone is out of sight, they are out of mind; it is why these chemicals are frequently based on something physical or outside of ourselves and never passes that point; it is why the average person who did not get what they wanted form a delusional ‘love relationship‘ shuns the feeling because it was only that… a feeling, and was confused as something genuine. This is why so many people have taken their own lives when someone they produced massive amounts of chemicals for taints the mixture with pain and betrayal, thus causing the person to seek a permanent undo-able solution to a seemingly devastating situation that is nothing but the mind having NO POINT OF RELIEF from all the waste built up from the ‘feeling’.

‘Love don’t live here anymore’… it never did.

So where do we tap into love… true love… unending love… unconditional love? I’m glad you asked for in part two, we seek the source of love.

As we seek power… Part one.

It has been a while since I have written here, and I know that that is NOT because of a lack of Divine inspiration, or topics (there have been many many topics). As I have continued my journey, life brought changes I my life which began to take more of my time, yet God never stopped presenting me with example and information that is still necessary to share with you and the world.

One to which is the primary topic of this writing for I started to meditate on why I even do this blog thing. Did I start this because I truly wanted to share with the people of God the interpretations of what God has shared with me in an effort to bring people closer to God through this ministry that I am ONLY an instrument of? Or, was it because I wanted to passively gain POWER over those who read and lovingly manipulate the minds and thinking of the people through an illusion of knowledge and insightful worlds and phrases? Yes, I do check myself like that.

I will answer that question later… For now, let us discuss the term, POWER. In the light of the events that have befallen this nation and the countries abroad, we see that the struggle for power is on a great upswing. Racial tensions, the slew of injustices and taking of lives have all contributed to the desire for power over our thoughts and actions. Now here’s where it gets disturbing; EVERYTHING that man has done up to THIS point in history has been for the desire of POWER… There hasn’t been one thing that man as a whole has been involved in that wasn’t intended to gain POWER, and yet the struggle continues because it is still elusive to us. From the time of Adam, when Eve was tempted in the garden, the enemy played upon this desire for it saw it in them and KNEW it was the easiest way to place us upon the path to destruction (Genesis ch.3:vs.1-5).

This lust for POWER is something that begins at a young age; when a child has a toy or something of conceived ‘value‘ and another child comes along and wants to share in its wonder or beauty, the one who holds it may become selfish, keeping the toy out of the other child’s reach. Now when the child begins to cry, or show any form of emotion as a result of this, the child CONTROLLING (key to this) the situation will either do one of two things: show compassion because of the pain that it has brought forth and thus share the toy, OR taste the POWER that it thinks it has over the other child and seek more. This behavior is thus learned from a young age and carried throughout adulthood for ALL OF US.

The desire for POWER has spawned many children which are confused as being singular factors in man’s plight and will be broken down in detail in later posts, yet what I will do is list a few symptoms that have spawned from this beast that we ALL at one time or another have allowed to take a bite from us, or even devoured our whole existence:

  • Entertainment
  • Industrialism
  • Racism (A review)
  • Religion (From the avid bible shaker, to the unyielding atheist)
  • Technology

Stay tuned….

My epiphany of racism

As the nation is again faced with an issue that involves death, and trust betrayed, so many have taken to the streets with the cries of ‘racism’ in connection to the tragedies that have befallen so many families who have lost loved ones due to the actions of those entrusted to ‘serve and protect’.

I began to ask, what is racism; what is it really? Is the root of it based on hatred of another because of race, gender, sexual preference, religious practices, etc…? Or, is it something else that has been overlooked because of the emotional distresses that come from the latter?
The more I delve into the subject, the more I see that racism is primarily about power. Power is something that has fueled the desire of man since the beginning of mans existence; the quest for it, however has been futile, yet it has never lost its ability to control the actions of mankind.
Even in the time of Adam, the desire for power is what drove Eve to eat of the fruit. It is what drove Cain to kill Abel, it is what kept the children of Israel in bondage, it is what sparked every war, betrayal, level of suffering and pain that man has devised and endured for generations, and to this day, it is what has spawned the illusion and delusion that skin color, nationality, financial status, sexual preference, spiritual following and any other difference is a sign of weakness and an excuse to hate one another.
So, to me, racism is the desire to obtain power over everyone and everything and what we THINK is racism is nothing but the methods used to obtain it. In the struggle of black vs. white within the United States, for example, the black or African American culture has been systematically weakened through mental manipulation that focused on the teaching of inner separation and self-loathing which extended to a lack of self respect and love for not only themselves but anyone that ‘looked’ like them.
This was a lifelong process which today has evolved into social, economic, mental, cultural, and spiritual/religious poverty, yet the desire for power still resides. This bleeds into the self destructive practices of drug dealing, physical, emotional, social and sexual assaults, and inner cultural homicides which, in turn, show a de-valuation of the culture as a whole. In any and every form of activity that involves an increase of finance, stature or a possibility to obtain power, the culture is again reminded of its weakness through domestic economic sanctions, an influx of narcotic and weaponized influences in the homes and schools, sub-par educational methodologies aimed at providing information to our youth that will result in further ignorance, tactical blockages from managerial and executive advancements within the workforce, etc….
Racism renders ALL OF US socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually impotent; it blinds us to the any form of equality and completely controls all areas of life as we interpret it. Ironically, the weakness that we attempt to exploit in others to gain power is the same weakness that plagues us and since we accept weakness within ourselves, racism will always be the power tool that breaks our spirits as a whole.

Time to take a nap

I’ve read how some people are tired of this whole ‘Ferguson killing’ thing being about race or they’re ‘tired’ of the whole ‘race thing’ because they buy into the delusion that somehow racism is gone because Obama was elected president. To those who are mentally fatigued I ask, do they think we who are a part of the black culture aren’t tired too?

Do they think watching the unwarranted killing of our children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and loved ones is fun? Do they think that we WANT to have another thing to deal with… Like being in a fixed fight every day of our lives isn’t enough?

Do they think that we as parents who have young black men and women to raise WANT to concern ourselves with the possibility that it may be our son or our daughter lying dead in a pool of blood next time because of a so called ‘accident‘ or ‘mistaken identity‘, ‘weapon miraculously appeared‘ or because someone ‘feared for their life‘ or any other lame excuse to be used to get away with murder?

Do they think the black foolists out there who consistently embarrass our culture on a DAILY basis and bring hatred to our door is exciting?

Do they TRULY think this is all fun and games to us? Do they think we don’t WANT EQUALITY, JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS IN THIS LAND THAT HEMORRHAGES HYPOCRISY, DECEPTION, MALEVOLENCE AND A BLATANT DEVALUATION OF A CULTURE?? Next time you tired, take a nap.