Something to think about- Sept. 5, 2014

We do NOT praise the trumpet, nor the piano, nor the drums after they have been professionally played in a concert. We do NOT give recognition to the dump truck, nor power tools, nor blueprint for their roles in the construction of a building. We do NOT interview the scalpel, suture, nor x-ray machine in the roles they played in saving a life… for they are the instruments. Yet many desire these things when they think they’re doing God’s Will by preaching, evangelizing, singing, etc…. this is an illusion of power sought yet never found.

We are but instruments in ministry. Even Christ acknowledged this. He IS the path that leads to God, the proof of God’s truth and the life everlasting, yet in all of this, He knew His place.

(John ch.14:v.6, Luke ch.18:vs.18-19)


The Eleven Commandments: Overruled

Ten commandments

The extent that man has went to control itself has caused great calamity. Countless time has been used to try and counteract each and every possible infraction of what we consider to be ‘order’. If you ever take a trip to a law library, you will find tons of books on all types of law from business law, contract law, entertainment law, medical law, criminal law, etc, etc….

This is based on an understanding that man can NOT be trusted to make the moral decision towards a sense of fairness and safety, so these laws have been created to ‘assist’ us in keeping in the straight and narrow path.

Here’s where it gets interesting to me. Of all the thousands of laws and statues that man has written, God only presented eleven commandments or laws that man was to abide by. These commandments are Divine; meaning, they need no help from man in order to be in enforced. They span all ages, creeds, sexes, abilities, statuses and generations. They are simple, yet forthright. They can be applied to any situation, and need no sub-categorization in order to be used. What I think is the most important is that they NEVER EXPIRE; meaning, God does NOT have to go back and revisit them and/or addend them.

If you look at the history of man and the commandments of God, man has made the decision that with ‘acceptable circumstances’, the commandments of God no longer apply. They can, in man’s eyes and magnificent arrogance, be overruled, and this has been the case for many years. The non-believers and those sympathetic to the Enemy, to me, have almost made the argument valid because the violent, manipulative, chaotic, and unstable nature of man, even at the point of the commandments manifestation. So the question is; could man follow God’s commandments alone? Great discussion topic for later!

I am going to list the commandments, with what I consider to be man’s overruling(s) next to them. Just my views on the matter, so not written in stone, so to speak. the first ten come from The Old Testament; the book of Exodus, chapter 20, Verses 1 thru 17. Here are the eleven commandments (if you are saying, but there’s only ten… I will post the eleventh which is the greatest of them all at the end):

  1. You shall have no other gods before Me. (Except if you don’t believe in God, but some other deity).
  2. You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. (Money, cars, houses, jewelry, sports franchises, celebrities, political figures, and technology for example, are excluded)
  3. Thou shall not take the name of the Lord Thy God in vain. (Except when cursing people out, or when it completes a sentence)
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it Holy. (Except if you have to work that day, then by all means, make that money)
  5. Honor thy father and mother. (Until you get to a certain age, which differs from country to country and then you can divorce them, or forsake them completely; your choice)
  6. Thou shall not kill. (Unless you have a license to kill, its not human, if you can defend your actions in a court of law, or you think that you won’t get caught)
  7. Thou shall not commit adultery (Unless it was done to you first, you aren’t getting sex at home like you think you should be, or you really aren’t committed to the marriage in the first place)
  8. Thou shall not steal (Unless it wasn’t patented, it wasn’t that valuable, or the action can be defended in court)
  9. thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor (Unless everyone is in agreement with the accusation, or you can prove the statement true in a court of law… doesn’t mean that it IS, but remember, it’s man’s law!)
  10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors house, wife, servant or ANYTHING that is your neighbors. (Well, you can covet, but don’t touch!)

The eleventh commandment that Christ proclaimed in the New Testament, the book of Mark, Chapter 12, verses 28 thru 34 states that we shall love God with all our heart, with all our soul and all our mind and strength. Being the most important commandment, it is the one that man defies the most. To love God with such passionate intensity, (especially when there is a lack real belief, respect, and fear) is, unfortunately, not common. It is more likely that man will love God based on condition and fulfilled desires, or find excuses to not love God at all. And since man has ‘free’ will, it will usually choose to sacrifice what is right for what is easy.

The real question is, how easy is the sacrifice?

Church Addiction: what is it? A brief…


the definition of an addict is someone who devoted to a specified thing or activity. Now, while this definition is not normally used when talking about an addict, it is appropriate for this discussion.

Devotion to something like church is not a negative thing, yet how it becomes negative is the intention behind it. Many people use church as an escape from their lives, not necessarily a chance to worship God, nor become empowered to help others. The intent behind the frequency of church visits, church function and event attending, becoming a part of the church staff, etc… is focused on a need to get away from family, wives, husbands, kids, or whatever he or she feels is a burden or oppressive issue in their lives. Instead of becoming addicted to some sort of narcotic, or negative pastime, they will use church as the ‘positive addiction’ because people have a tendency to look at a person who attends church almost EVERY day of the week as a devote follower of God, Christ, etc… This is not usually the case.

The purpose of church attendance is to fellowship, worship, praise, gain knowledge and understanding, then share that with others. It is supposed to allow on to gain the strength and courage to deal with the world and the hell that resides within it by coming together and reinforcing ones faith in God and the teachings of Christ.

Now for those that are followers of other faiths, please understand that this is something that can be tied to your place of worship as well. This phenomenon is not singularly connected to any one religion. There are mosque addicts, synagogue addicts, kingdom hall addicts, parish addicts, temple addicts, and many others.

While this is a brief on the ‘What is It’ focus of church addiction, we will get in depth in the next blog that talks about the typical church addict and how one can spot them. The next will focus from the pews to the pulpits. Stay tuned…