The New Years Choice

Every year, almost everyone makes a choice to do better or get more of something in some way, whether it be more money, better relationship, better health, etc… Unfortunately, the choices made are usually only honored for a short time, and can sometimes benefit us even less. Joshua brought the people of Israel together to give them a summary of the events of their lives and the lives of those before them. He spoke upon the promises made between the ancestors and God, the trial and tribulations they endured, the battles fought, the foolish choices made in the midst of them all, and in the end, God kept them in spite of themselves.

In the end, Joshua requested them to choose whom they would serve; the gods of the world, or the Lord God in entirety. he also made it clear that whatever they choose would be on them and Joshua’s choice was already clear… he and his house would serve the Lord. Why? Because that was the choice that would last. It was the choice that would take him through any and all situations and circumstances; keep him in times of doubt, confusion and sorrow, and guarantee success no matter how the outcome. 
If you are going to make a choice for the new Year, make sure it is the one that will stand the test of time, trial and tribulation… choose God.

Reference Joshua 24:14-15

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