Spiritual Arsonists

When a home is constructed, it will usually take between three to six months to complete, not counting changes, unseen issues and the like. A fire, on the other hand, can destroy that same building within hours.

At the bottom of this posting there, is an image which illustrate what is needed for a fire to begin. What I also found interesting in my research of fire is that it is looked at as an EVENT, rather than a THING, which in the case of our lives and how we approach things, makes perfect sense to me.

Fire needs three elements to ignite: HEAT, FUEL AND OXYGEN. If either ONE of these elements is missing, the fire will not start. So many of us who call ourselves, ‘CHRISTIANS’ or MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD‘ are experts in the committing of spiritual arson. We can and HAVE burned down relationships, friendships, marriages, careers and the like because of our inability to control our tongues.

The Word of God warns us of the power of the tongue; being it a small muscle, it has more power than almost ALL the muscles in the body with the exception of the heart. it can bless and curse in the same breath and many are very capable of being blessing and curses to anyone and everyone with their words.

So how does it occur: first we need HEAT- usually that is our emotions that have boiled out of control because of something not going our way, or someones actions or even their words. Next, we have to be FUELED by something or even SOMEONE, this comes in the form of instigation from others or from the enemy itself (i.e. Who does he or she think they are, or do they know who they are talking to? etc…) this brings the ego into play and since so many of us are ego -driven, this is the common fueling element. Lastly, we take in OXYGEN, and let it flow! Before we know it, we have caused fiery destruction all around us, burning all in our paths, yet we then try to ask for forgiveness for something that we CLAIM we have no control over… when it is in fact that we don’t WANT to control it. We think that it makes us powerful, yet it shows how truly WEAK we are. This is another common and widespread trick of the enemy that we ALL have fallen for one time in our lives.

What’s ironic is that all we have to do is take ONE of the elements out and the fire of our tongues will never ignite. How do we do this, you may ask… the answer is in God.

Referencing: James 3:5-10


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