Black Lives DO Matter


Time to think!

The slogan of the year, black lives matter, that stems from the senseless killings that have plagued the black culture in this nation for years, to which, NOW has became a hot button when its been a serious issue LONG before the death of Mike Brown and others, has prompted people to forget that the black life has always mattered, so to speak; it is not IF black lives matter, but WHEN do black lives matter that I wish to point out.

Black Lives Matter:

  • When local counties/cities need a certain percentage of minorities to get funding from the state or federal government.
  • When the privately owned prison companies are in need of more residences.
  • When the state owned prisons are in need  of more residences.
  • When the fake hair industry stocks the neighborhood hair shops and they need to move the product.
  • When car rim, stereo and speaker system sales need a boost.
  • When the liquor industry needs a black hip-hop celebrity face to sell their knock off product that didn’t make the cut for quality.
  • When the shoe industry slaps another black sports figure on another high price, low quality product that brings no value to the wearer.
  • When the technology industry markets another high end smartphone device to the community that does everything BUT make a decent phone call, but still needs to sell.
  • When small companies trying to cash in on subsides from the government by ‘giving away’ government phones need sign-ups.
  • When drug dealers ship in product from foreign lands and need sellers to move the product or users to consume the product.
  • When the pharmaceutical industry needs to test the latest drug to ‘counter’ diabetes, hypertension, or any other disease that strongly affects the black community.
  • When title loan and other ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ companies spread through the community to prey upon the desperate that do not have financial management skills.

This is not a stab at the stereotype of the black culture, but a reality check that is not being addressed and understand that unfortunately, when it comes to these things and others that do nothing to heal the black culture or the community, black lives DO matter.


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