Something to think about… Trying the Spirits.

Some time ago, I sought God’s counsel on the scripture, ‘Try the Spirits and see if they be of God…’ in order to clarify WHY this is important. The answer I received was, ‘because the enemy doesn’t mind you thanking God for what it has wrought in your life, especially when you can’t see the the writing on the wall.’ What does that mean? Does that mean that what I think is good and of God based on what I want? Is it gauged on my desires? Is God’s goodness measured and limited to my mind and the things outside of myself that I run after each day?

Remembering that NOTHING that God gives you can EVER be taken away by ANYONE at ANYTIME hints to the answer. I watch people get awards from man and thank God for them… only to have them stripped once man decides that they no longer want them to have it anymore because of an issue or situation; are they still thankful for the award? Was it EVER TRULY THERES? Man has NEVER given ANYONE ANYTHING… its only rented or leased… money, power, materials, love, respect, trust, so called freedom, all that we strive to get from others is borrowed or loaned out. It is the illusion of man’s ability to be more than his nature will allow. Man doesn’t understand ‘living’; man only understands profiting.

So the answer to me is this: if it is of God, it is forever.


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