Time to take a nap

I’ve read how some people are tired of this whole ‘Ferguson killing’ thing being about race or they’re ‘tired’ of the whole ‘race thing’ because they buy into the delusion that somehow racism is gone because Obama was elected president. To those who are mentally fatigued I ask, do they think we who are a part of the black culture aren’t tired too?

Do they think watching the unwarranted killing of our children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and loved ones is fun? Do they think that we WANT to have another thing to deal with… Like being in a fixed fight every day of our lives isn’t enough?

Do they think that we as parents who have young black men and women to raise WANT to concern ourselves with the possibility that it may be our son or our daughter lying dead in a pool of blood next time because of a so called ‘accident‘ or ‘mistaken identity‘, ‘weapon miraculously appeared‘ or because someone ‘feared for their life‘ or any other lame excuse to be used to get away with murder?

Do they think the black foolists out there who consistently embarrass our culture on a DAILY basis and bring hatred to our door is exciting?

Do they TRULY think this is all fun and games to us? Do they think we don’t WANT EQUALITY, JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS IN THIS LAND THAT HEMORRHAGES HYPOCRISY, DECEPTION, MALEVOLENCE AND A BLATANT DEVALUATION OF A CULTURE?? Next time you tired, take a nap.


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