Happy Father’s Day 2014


Happy Father’s day to my fellow dads, pops, paw paws, grand-pops, grandfathers, and even those who play the role of ‘father’ in another’s life. The role of the ‘father’ is one that is forever; it does not end with age, changes in profession, marital status, or even feelings. It is a role that has, unfortunately, been scarred by males who have shown a great lack of strength, character and desire to fulfill the arduous position of fatherhood for a soul who desperately needed it filled.

To love ones son or daughter in spite of the world, in spite of the hardships, in spite of the doubts, pain and suffering that may befall the person who is seen as ‘father’ can bring great stress, and sometimes can cause one to feel the need to give up, yet when the love is true and fueled by God, the strength needed to endure is replenished and the person finds themselves able to continue on. To those of you that seek God for the strength to fill the fatherly shoes and live the life of father to someone special in your life, I salute you and say that even though this day of the year has been sanctioned to celebrate you as father, the road never ends. As long as the son or daughter lives; as long as YOU live, you are an elite entity in the life of that person who sees you as dad, father, pops, poppa, granddad, paw-paw, pappi, grandfather, or daddy.

May the Lord God bless and keep you all.


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