Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- anagnorisis and peripeteia

We are going to define two words this time. The first is anagnorisis and the second is peripeteia.
They are pronounced \an-ag-NAWR-uh-sis\ and \peripəˈtēə\.
Both are nouns, and are defined as

The critical moment of recognition or discovery, especially preceding peripeteia. (Anagnorisis)


A sudden reversal of fortune or change in circumstances. (Peripeteia)

Used in a sentence: It is only for many of us faced with an overwhelming peripeteia that causes the anagnorisis of our lack of control over life and the attempts to regain control prove futile and pointless that will eventually turn to God for answers or relief.

(Psalms ch.78: v.8), (Proverbs ch.3:vs.5-7), (Lamentations ch.3: v. 22)


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