Counterpoint: What a man needs is support, loyalty and the cookie… not really. Part One of Two

cookieI have searched the Internet and found tons of websites built off what I see as another ‘buzzword phenomenon’ which focuses on the simplistic and unrealistic idea that a man PRIMARILY REQUIRES, especially from a woman, SUPPORT, LOYALTY, and SEX.

While this is supposed to bring forth some sort of template for those women who are deemed ‘clueless to the needs of a man’, this by no means, is absolute or, to me, even helpful because it creates a dilemma, especially when it fails. The vagueness of these three attributes, that honestly can be gotten from ANYONE and ANYWHERE at ANYTIME and are not specific to the woman in ANY WAY, leaves, to me, a void that will never be realistically filled because, first off, this does not follow in the path of The Heavenly Father’s plan for the connection of man and woman, OR wife and husband, and it shows a level of naïve deception that has been accepted by women who seek genuine understanding of the man that are or will be in their lives.

Okay, SUPPORT can be looked at as an attribute that would assist in the development of the relationship between a man and the woman, YET it is not REQUIRED for the relationship to grow. Truthfully, MEN have increasingly found support from other MEN to be more important than the SUPPORT of their women for eons, and this is prevalent in the bonding rituals that we practice using sports, politics, industry, technology, etc… as the bonding agent. This also connects to the LOYALTY factor, because both are usually sought after once the bonds have been established. Many men will go as far as to not EXPECT their women to show any SUPPORT to them or what they do, OR even to be LOYAL to the relationship. This can be connected to many factors; one to which is the man’s lack of TRUST in the woman.

The sex part can be shaky, especially with the rising instances of bisexuality that has plagued many ‘heterosexual’ relationships. Men are now allowing themselves to explore the realms of man on man sexual release which in itself can cause great confusion, at the LEAST, within his relationship with a woman who has been led to believe that her man has his sexual desires focused on the OPPOSITE sex. Now, if any of you men reading this are bisexual and are in a relationship that you are practicing deception, I ask you; how would you feel if SHE did that to YOU? But I digress; the cookie is NOT a requirement for the man FROM his woman… unfortunately, it is something that we have proven can be gotten… WHENEVER.

So what is REQUIRED from the woman? One of the things that experts, scholars, medical professionals, relationship specialists, pastors, talk show hosts, and others who THINK they have a grasp on these things have COMPLETELY overlooked… SAFETY.

I will have to break this down into a part two to explain what I mean, so please comment, ask questions if you wish. To be continued…


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