No one, BUT Jesus

A cross

Through Christ we succeed.

I remember when I had no one to lean on, BUT Jesus-
I remember when the darkness fell around me and the paths were crooked with doubt, distress, delusion and destruction created with the blood of my fears and feeding of the flesh that surrounds the soul-
I remember when I cried out the people from the pulpits to the pews who provided potential poison to promote my pain and prevent my progress as playing the pal to pillage and pilfer became playful and profiting to the proud psyche-
I remember trying not to vomit my inner man and lap up death mixed with metal shards from the shackles binding my wrists infected of rust and shame for I was destined to fall by side of the road like last weeks McDonalds Big Mac container festered with insects fighting to devour the half eaten confidence that was my own, yet not so much my own, for I relied on the world to give me what it covets-
I remember the smell of hell as the door stood before me and I was tempted therein, while those people who called themselves ‘family’ which they redefined as Foolishly Accepting Mendacities Instantly Like Yummies walked away with laughable excuses and you’re not supposed to ever see the crossed fingers and sharpened daggers waiting to plunge deep into your trust because they want you to believe that tainted blood is thicker than the pure hatred-
I remember when I had no one to lean on, BUT Jesus.


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