Focus Point- Circle of darkness

Sometimes you are faced with the circle of darkness.

You can’t see a light nowhere you look, yet in these times you have to be EXTRA CAREFUL on who you share this with. See, many people don’t know HOW to listen; they are too busy with their own issues, or automatically tune out what actually matters and listen for keywords in order to spit scriptures at you without any real clarity or understanding of what is going on with you. This is mostly for them and their egos.
Here’s where it gets ugly: many will say ‘I’m praying for you’ but they’re really not; why should they pray for another when it seems like God ain’t hearing theirs and risk you getting a breakthrough when they’re still in the pits? Survival of the fittest, or just lack of intercession? Who knows. Have I done it? Of course. How do you think I know about it?


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