Somethig to think about – The aspects of ‘Freedom’

Is this real????

Is this real????

What is Free or freedom? When has there ever been a time of freedom for man? Is it when you do what you WANT or say what you WILL? Is it running in a field of dreams uninhibited by anyone? Is it the lack of shackles on hands or feet? Is it an abundance of money in the bank or eluding capture for crimes yet to be punished? Is it not having to pay, or getting something that is not deserved? Is it not YET reaping when we have sown?
How I see it, man has NEVER been free or enjoyed what is considered to be freedom;in fact, we choose to be bound. As man progresses so does the confinement that we place upon ourselves and those around us. This forever consumes us in our minds and actions; we are constantly told what to do, where to live, how to live, when to live, what to buy, how to act, how to dress, how to think, what to say, what NOT to say, how to walk, where to walk, when walking is legal and when it is not, and IRONICALLY, we DESIRE this control over ourselves in order to establish the illusion of freedom.
Many think that those who are incarcerated are NOT free, yet they are just further bound. The shackles are more apparent than the ones we wear each day that are invisible to the physical eye. This starts at birth; we are shackled by our parents and taught through their own imprisoned thinking that being boundIS freedom.
The cycle is never ending and with each generation, this illusion of freedom is further decreased and the binding of ones outer and inner self increases. The further irony of freedom is that those who have ACTUALLY found it are NEVER IN OUR MIDSTS.


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