Focus Point: Supporting the Inner House

When building a house, road, skyscraper, or any non-moving, brick and mortar construction, great consideration must go into what will SUPPORT the construction of the building, road, etc…
The SUPPORT is what gives the construction strength, longevity, and thus reinforces its purpose. The SUPPORT must ALWAYS be stronger than the construction as a whole or the construction will fail. The level of endurance must exceed the worth of the construction; even after the construction has been abandoned, the support must hold strong.

With a person and his or her spiritual journey, there can, in cases, be confusion of the construction of the relationship with God as the actual SUPPORT, or in other cases, SUPPORT is forgotten altogether as one becomes eager to construct his or her relationship with Spirit. Do we KNOW where to actually start building or what to build on? do we understand how our surroundings can affect our construction of a relationship with the Father and/or whether we have established the SUPPORT we need to lay the foundations? Do we see the obstacles placed in our way that could subsequently cause our spiritual house to shift, sway and possibly fall without proper SUPPORT???

The parable of the house being built on the rock and on sand gives key information into these factors. First, it shows how we tend to forget the SUPPORT and focus on just trying to build something without TRUE spiritual guidance. We go to church, join and start to get involved with any and everything we can. We look to be recognized by people as being part of the church, being a active member of the church, getting some title in the church, being able to say, ‘I go to such and such church and I am a [insert title here], YET we never really establish a SUPPORTING relationship with God at any real point and time, because we have built on the SUPPORT of the people, or our own egotism.

We thus end up with a building that has NO support, or the foundation dramatically shifts, like it is on sand, and then we fall into the river of confusion, oppression, dysfunction, addiction, suffering, sorrow, anguish and destruction. We then blame God for our failings, and/or leave the church thinking that its the CHURCH’S FAULT that we have NOTHING TO STAND ON when the Enemy shakes the walls of our lives. The shady and incompetent workmanship we have used is the cause of the fall, yet its always easy to blame everything else.

So how do we establish a strong support system with the Father? The ROCK is chosen when we look to God completely. Proverbs ch.3:v.7 tells us ‘in ALL thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path’ all to which connects with Christ and His instructions to follow the teachings that will fortify your relationship thereby establishing the inner house upon the rock. In other words, to join a church is never enough. The true fellowship, worship and praise MUST START WITHIN YOUR INNER HOUSE which sits upon the love, grace, mercy, guidance and Word of God. This is the true SUPPORT.

(Matthew ch.7:vs.21-27)


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