How all things point to God – Example two: macroeconomics


God’s supply, man’s demand.

For the sake of the teachings of my macroeconomics teacher who happens to be a follower of this ministry, I pray I get this right.

Okay, in the realm of macroeconomics, there is a phenomenon that is called supply and demand. In somewhat simple terms, it is a study of the level of consumer demand and quantity of demand for a service and/or good from the supplier of the good and/or service in relation to the price and quantity of supply of the service and/or good.
The graph I put up gives a simplified illustration of supply and demand as it relates to price (Y) and quantity (X). So as the supplier increases the price, the quantity of the service and/or good increases; as a consequence to this, the QUANTITY OF DEMAND for the service and/or good DECREASES (everybody loves a deal). There is a point on the graph called the equilibrium where the supplier price and quantity of supply meets the quantity of demand in relation to the price; for example, people are purchasing an average of about five widgets at about $5 dollars a pop. (For those who are studying macroeconomics, I know that this can get REAL complex).

So how would this example be connected to us and our relationship with God?  Here’s where it gets interesting; as our NEEDS are readily supplied and we think that we are fine without God, our QUANTITY OF FAITH, PRAYER, WORSHIP, etc… will DECREASE. Why? Many of us (I was one of these) would only pray in the TROUGH of our needs. Once we felt that God gave me what we NEEDED and/or WANTED and thus reached a temporary PEAK, our NEED to pray, or to exercise my faith, fellowship, and what not began to DECREASE.

This is why God ONLY supplies what is needed by us who seek His grace and mercy each day so as to establish the equilibrium between us and God and the provisions of God for our lives. Hope it all makes sense.

(Philippians ch.4:v.19)


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