Help me to understand…

Okay, I got a chance to see the commercial preview of the show Preachers of L. A., and they showed one of the persons mansions and $200,000 Bentley in front while another person shouts, ‘They only see the glory, but do not know the story…’
Now, Jesus saved generations with only the clothes on his back, one pair of sandals, no home on earth to claim, no carriage to ride, and only was provided what He needed by The Father WHEN HE NEEDED IT.
When did the other things these ‘ministers’ proclaim are a part of some glory become in ANY way necessary to do the Will of God, and if they’re not, why show them like they are Divine perks that come with the job? If that is the case, then Christ was GROSSLY under compensated.
(This is what is deemed as a wholesome show…)


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