I know they wonderin’

This is from a man who the Enemy meant to kill… but still lives. Cracks around the heart and mind, but nevertheless whole.

Have stigmas patched to his name and thereby judged by those who said they were bound by love, yet these same people can turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the scars on my face from a slashed inner spirit and cries of my seemingly diminished soul quality;

Brought before the judges and condemned to be scourged for life by society and those who share a bloodline, yet sometimes it takes the light of a lie to show the truth of a man’s outlook upon you.

It’s amazing how the same people who shout Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, like its the new iPhone or quote scriptures like Progressive quotes insurance costs from its competitors to lure you into a false sense of security, only to be the ones who the Enemy uses the easiest to carry out plans of anarchy and destruction focused on the ones who are God-called and God-purposed, treating you like Joseph as they cast you into the hole of despair and sell you off to the die at the hands of their own tainted egos, hoping that the misery that covers them like a tight itchy cheap suit will loosen its grip and let them feel like they are better than the crap on the bottom of their shoes for a moment.

What confuses them is the fact that God saw favor when they tried so hard to fool God into thinking that I was something other than favored; that the chains they meant for me are the ones that bind them and the grave they meant for me is the one they rot in each day; the fact that in spite of the flames they set to my inner house, it only singed the walls and those who walked away with big feet in too small shoes are still stumbling over their shoestrings because the nothing that they’ve done is the nothing that they are and continue to be.

Let me put it like this for those who have read to this point because peoples attentions are like quick orgasms: I take this from the rapper Future who I think was trying to say it this way: if you have NEVER been through nothin’ and you have NEVER been a sinner, then you’ll have NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea, why through God I’m still a winner… I KNOW THEY WONDERIN‘.


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