Act like a lady, think like a man- the stuff forgotten, or left out series. Part one

Okay, this is not an attack on the book… I read it and thought that it had good insight for those women struggling to get a GENERAL understanding of the men that they choose to deal with, yet it, to me, was in some places grossly diluted and I just wanted to share my thoughts on some of the things that were addressed, yet not properly explained.

I will be posting these from time to time, so it wont all be here.

The ‘five year plan/goal’ question:

While it is prudent practice for ANYONE to set future goals for themselves to achieve, thinking that a man who STATES a five year goal has potential, IN ANY WAY, can be dangerous.

The ‘player handbook‘ clearly states, and I quote: ‘It ain’t whether or not it’s true, it’s whether or not they BELIEVE it’s true’.

How easy is it for a man to spit a elaborately detailed five year goal, with NO intention on meeting or even STARTING it, especially if his true five year goal is to trick all the women he can? This book was NOT just read by women.

My wife is always telling me that the book was written just to establish fundamental rules, yet the game is WAY more advanced than that. It’s like putting a high school football team in an NFL Super Bowl game! 

Okay, this is just one of many parts, so stay tuned, and as always, it is YOUR mind; use it as you see fit.


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